Warm goat feta cheese with sesame and honey

Submitted by enr on 29 Dec 2009
55 g goat feta cheese
30 g cream cheese
2 tbsp milk
egg 1
30 g sesame
1 tbsp honey
Warm goat feta cheese with sesame and honey
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In a bowl mix goat feta cheese and cream. Mix well. Spread the mixture on baking paper, then rolled up and put in refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Then unfolded and cut into small pieces. The pieces are rolled in flour, dip in milk, then in the beaten egg and finally rolled in sesame. All pieces were left in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then fry in preheated oil for 1 minute. When serving pour honey.
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29 Dec 2009


I have not done, but tried in place. Interestingly, poparka who loves sweet tea and Cheese - you will like it.

Yes, that's true :)

again amazed me with the recipe. This will definitely give it a try. Bravo!

Bravo! These nuggets are sold and cooked, frozen, but it is quite another to make them yourself! Goat cheese is a delicacy, mmm. But for those who do not like it - it is with sheep and cow - the idea of ​​cheese with honey is very old very appreciated. To not write a separate recipe - happens with mozzarella, the taste is more neutral and the texture quite different. Mozzarella was cut into pieces (if small balls leave purposes), which are pressed into a flour and egg (as written Rossi) or in batter for fried slices. Fry and pour honey.

These Cheese is fantastic. I get a crispy crust and soft, soft interior. Commonly used cheese (another all in the recipe).

Elti, again charmed us with sumptuous and alluring photos :) Bravo, very beautiful and delicious looking.