Submitted by enr on 21 Oct 2009
500 g flour
1 package dry yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
100-120 ml sunflower oil
150 ml (approximately) of water or whey
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Mix the flour, yeast, salt and sugar. Insert the oil and triturated until fully assume. The dough should become brittle, but compact in compression to take place. If necessary, make a little sunflower oil. Make water hot (if using whey also pozatoplya) and izmesva hard dough. Allow to stand for - 30-40 minutes. Heat oven to 180 C (fan 160). The dough is formed small balls - the cherry. Arrange in greased pan. The easiest way is when you start on the walls of the tray and ranks in the middle. Bake for about 30 minutes. Serve still warm - instead of bread or just with a cup of tea or ayran. * The shape is 26 cm and filled accurately. I've had them and in the form of cake (with hole), then 2 rows. So smoothly separated from each other. In the hole can put a bowl of sauce to melt - I do as puree, everyone takes on a wooden skewer, prick your zalche melts and eat.
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21 Oct 2009


Bravo! Sweet zalcheta guess and delicious. Very tempting for young children. Will give them a try.

Leleeee how interesting :) As my love Members such miracles straight will eat them for a second :) When I do and if I would photograph them :)

Right you noticed that the smallest most enjoy them:-) I started to do when my child was small and was very fussy eater. But they are so delicious and alone, and now that occasionally makes me do them.

Bravo, Raleigh, great zalcheta. They are suitable for parties and razhdenni days the kids.

Rally, a great recipe - Try udavolstvie. Thank you!

My grandmother made them. Yesterday I tried to find the recipe, but it was not in the notebook with recipes (most valuable heritage from my grandmother). Rally, thanks for the recipe!

They became great. I left half a cube of yeast and they did it. The most beautiful are warm with yogurt or honey.

They look so delicious! Can have stuffing !? Or are too tiny and it is separately !?

You can try to put them on a piece of cheese or cheese, but it is a great game I guess I have not put. But there is no reason it can not. If the sample - said what happened:-)

This recipe makes it very often, but put stuffing cheese and dunk each ball in the melted butter. Becomes very tasty. Great game, but worth it. Try!

Surely I will try with some stuffing, sounds very good!

Very easy and delicious zalcheta! Flour I 50-50 white and rye. Many were delicious.

I am happy, love! Enjoy your meal:-)

While' stand - 30-40 minutes *, should be swell? I put it in a warm stand, but do not change the dimensions, if I'm wrong thing

Yes, inflate, but not much. Give him a little more time. The dough is firm and fat, inflated only slightly in rising and a little more on the cooking. Review the result.

No, not inflated at all, either in rising or in baking. Became small crispy balls are delicious, but nothing to do with what should be. I used dry yeast, and I measured all the ingredients exactly, but perhaps the yeast was not good.

janina, very sorry ...: - (

janina, last night I made them because your failure did not give me peace. I shaped balls and ordered in about 20-minute stay of dough, and so I left them to rise for another 20 minutes. No problem. Photographed, so you can see the difference. My meal was whole wheat. Your room must be really hot (as for any rising). If not - heat the oven to about 50 degrees, well moistening the surface of the dough, cover with a cloth and put in the oven. Always work. I wish you success in the future:-)

is crisp (just as love) and very tasty!

John, I'd be glad :) This is one of my oldest recipes, which did not yet able even to fry eggs :) Works perfectly.