Heaven's daughter (Himmelstochter)

Submitted by enr on 06 Apr 2010
# For the bases:
100 g butter, soft
300 g sugar (or icing sugar)
5 eggs
1 vanilla
125 g flour
5 g baking powder
100 g almonds
# For the filling:
500 ml cream
vanilla 1
2 packages cream fixative
500 g fruit of your choice: strawberries, cherries, mandarins, raspberries (maybe canned)
Heaven's daughter (Himmelstochter)
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Bases: Heat the oven to 180 C. The butter is stirred with 100 g of sugar and vanilla until fluffy cream. Add egg yolks, one by one. Flour mixed with baking powder and screened on yolk cream, stir gently with a spoon. The resulting paste is smeared in two forms with removable edge. Whip with 200 g of sugar hard snow and distributed on both the base. Sprinkle with almonds and bake about 30 minutes. Leave to cool completely. Filling: Cream mix with catch and vanilla. Fruit (if they are compote - drained and dried) is thoroughly mixed in it. Assembling: cream smeared on one base. The other base is cut into portions, such as cake, and then placed on the cream. Leave in refrigerator at least 2 hours before serving. Spread the dough becomes easier if flour mixture is smeared on the bottom of the form from the center to the edge, and only then put the selvage. Only then should the egg white snow.
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06 Apr 2010


Congratulations! Very appetizing and spectacular. A retainer is a cream you on our market and where?

Reni was written I think there May that Kaufland, but I'm not sure. Dr. T Oetker can not, here it is the most beneficial. I tried looking for something around the board, but could not. Maybe one of the other users know more, come, girls and boys, help:-)

Mx, MX, MX want to try it, it looks tasty-olkova goes to Favorites necessarily because I'll do it!

Very good looks and I think that is also lightweight. Bravo!

I just made it. I thought I had almonds and started, but it turned out that I have, so it is without them. Tightens in the refrigerator. Will photograph it as rise and you show it without almonds;-)

Well done, looks very appetizing! I have one question - whether dairy cream can be replaced with sour?

No, Stella, are generally quite different textures ... Why do not you love it?

very good cake!

looks great and is not hard to make. Rally, why name is *Heaven's daughter*? It is very beautiful. Is there a story?

Ina, darling, I put a big task ... Asks all sorts of forums - the result: only assumptions. Was also known as Heavenly cake Angel cake, but mostly Heavenly daughter (daughter of the sky or similar translation). One prepolozhenie was that resembles cream soft fluffy clouds. Second - that only angels could do something so tasty and light. In a nutshell - Unable earthly creation, then heaven will be;-) One woman even wrote it 70 years, and even her grandmother had made this cake, so she told her mother ... is pretty obvious old recipe, which is evident in the way of making - the decoration is not part of the assembly, but makes more raw, as in Linz cake for example. I'm looking for more info, and I got interesting ...

After two weeks my birthday and I will do to my people, I promise you.

from the writings of other things I forgot to evaluation. Usually such titles have a story, so I asked. Thanks for the answer!

Rally, again sweet surprise from you :) temptation upload pictures retainer cream ...

what should be the cream?

cream is a liquid, breaks with catch and vanilla until creamy.

Thank you very much.

Now I bake, but look how much you've earned my wits ... more Me very little dough get me :( 20 cm in diameter :( Maybe I'm confused thing, although strictly followed the recipe - I hope at least get tasty :) The pictures are wonderful Aliana - you're just a culinary god - knock your hat, This recipe is amazing :)

Unfortunately it was a amazing failure ... :( :( :( I was so hoping to do, but nothing ... Will try with another recipe :) real chef does not give up .. Thought, so I do not despair when people fail;)

Desi what happened, do not get? If the volume of the dough is small, probably oil was cool and was unable to rise on the break with sugar. Spreads I have written above: take the bottom of the form, covered thinly with half the dough, then put the hoop, only then spread the protein snow. While raw, seems a bit, but the dough was rising from the baking powder. Becomes thick about 1, 5-2 cm (only the dough mixture tseluvchenata do not count)

Aliana thank you very much - I'm almost certain that the oil problem ... I never received oil creams and all butter and sugar ... Your creations are straight commensurate with those of the best pastry :)

I made a cake for the birthday of my girlfriend. Double dose, two ponds in 27 cm and a less than 20 cm. Cake is incredible taste, all liked it. Very easy to prepare. Thanks of the entire company.

Flower, I am very glad that you liked the cake :) A picture is so pretty! Bravo!

3 times already do this cake is very tasty, I boarded a photo.

Vanya, very pleased me your comments! The cake looks great, thanks for the nice picture! Enjoy your meal :)