Favorite bread Beansby

Submitted by enr on 21 Jun 2012
42 g fresh yeast
300 ml milk
4 tbsp sunflower oil
5 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
2 eggs + 1 egg white
about 1 kg of flour
# spreads:
1 yolk
1-2 tbsp milk
a few drops of sunflower oil
Favorite bread Beansby
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From the above products knead a soft dough. I hit him 100 times in the table, then leave to rest 15-20 minutes. Then divide into 4 balls, each ball rolled into rectangular crust. The first sheet is coated with plenty of sunflower oil (lard, butter), put the top crust second again with sunflower oil and so the third and fourth crust. Fourth crust does not spread with sunflower oil. Cut along the narrowest part of the 7 bands. Each strip is twisted and tied a knot. In a greased pan with sunflower oil and sprinkled with flour arrange knots (one in the middle, the other 6 about it). Leave to rise, and then is coated before baking. Bake again at 150C for about 15 minutes, then at 180C for about 30 minutes (it depends from the oven). I use a pan with a diameter of 28 cm.
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21 Jun 2012
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Well done, great looks! For me this is a universal dough for bread. Always the result is perfect. I use it for years and always count on excellent results. I do not know where it comes from the word bread, but it is only what is pictured and NISHTO else!

Thank you girls! perunika i annapeeva, I am also most pleased with that dough. And for years I only use it, the result is always perfect. Will get other photographs taken in time. I wish you a nice and controversial day!

thanks for shared recipe, great looks will make it mandatory. Loafs love -for good reason ... In the favorite is.

annapeeva, the bread looks great! Until I feel like eating!

LIRINCA, thanks for the praise. Jump melted in the mouth. Table decorations Petrov day and my men prayed every Saturday and Sunday to prepare. Encourage every housewife to try it and to have it in *repertoire* his. Large playing field is because they can try out different forms, shapes and decorations. Until recently!

forgot excellent evaluation from me!

colorful, very beautiful you become the bread :) It looks so appetizing! And annapeeva and bread of Lirinka are gorgeous!

steffanel, the bread you is great! I believe that was also very tasty. Tomorrow I will razvihryam, we invited 60 anniversary. I wish you to do more such beautiful breads and enjoy the people around you!

renito, thanks for the kind words!

It was for me a cake for a child to prestapulnik but the end result is excellent, omesih it into bread machine, thanks for the compliments!

Good morning, skillful girls! Very beautiful looks and certainly delicious with such diligence! STEFANELI, please share zashto chose to meddle with the machine, what is the advantage and what is the difference and this dose gathered you in your basket? Until recently.

all wrong products by hand and put into the machine for 15 minutes. Kneading, left to rise and I shaped loaf rise in a greased pan with egg and put to bake, my machine is about 600 g. Flour, nothing and no machine if kneading little more will not be spoiled. The advantage is not just meats and dash on top of the kitchen machine I have is if I have a machine and I will interfere. Great convenience. Loaf is delicious the cake with it.

Many thanks to the unique recipe. Given my poor experience in cakes that get more than perfect :)

Dilyana pleases me that you stay happy! And I thank you for the trust to my favorite cake.

favorite bread of our family ...

cake is amazing! For the first time to get me! Recommend!

Wonderful bread! Bravo to the successful recipe Bobby! And home is already a favorite :)

Thank you, Reni! Glad you approved it. Great picture! Happy Holidays! :)

I want to ask just in yeast so that it will not be felt and then taste

1 kg flour 1 cube (40 g) yeast is the standard amount, no problem.

marceto82, I see that you already Navy responded. I apologize for the delay. Do not worry if you are stopped on this bread, act boldly! The end result is always perfect. Happy Holidays! :)

Today I made bread and I am very pleased with the outcome. Half dose, but it is not small. Thanks for the recipe. :)

thanks for now gripe to do. oar meet the new 2013 to you and all the best. at

This is an incredibly successful recipe. Very accurate as taste, such as quality, easy, very effective. Thank you!

reniE, babavan4e, thanks for the positive comments! I am glad that you are happy with the end result! :)

k. mimi66, great picture!

Will it be a problem to replace fresh yeast with a dry, because I want to knead the dough directly into the bakery Thanks

but rather swapped successfully. 2 sachets of 7 grams meet cube live yeast. With oil added and Cheese received was mmm yummy. I do not know who or what is Bobby, but tastes good. Bravo! :)

Thank you very much :)

Tonight I made. It was very tasty - fluffy, mekichka and thread, just as we wanted: serve :!

desito_88, I apologize for the delay! But today, that yesterday I IMENYACHKA and did not have time to raise my head! It had appetizers, dishes, bread, cake, and there is no help. I see that you already Seniak replied 2 packets of dry yeast in 7 grams are per kg flour. I always work with live fresh yeast. Kneading by hand is my hobby and I enjoy the end result. If you have time, write how they get things. Good luck! :)

Seniak, I'm still a woman! ;) I'm glad that you were pleased! Look if you wish the recipe under the name Twisted cheese cake! No picture? :)

milena75, thank you for your trust! I'm very glad your comment will be delighted with the picture! :)

Syzhalyavam, Bobby was my fault, I had only to look at your name. The name of the recipe sounded as if refers to someone else. Being alive and well on a crutch! To do more such beauties and delights!

Lirinka, picture will be next time. Our camera broke down and we have not bought new, but the phone does not work very well. It was no time for a picture, still warm assaulted her :).

Very very tasty cake :) I did get half of the dough in the bakery products. Thumbs Bobby recipe will add a photo these days:) I forgot to say that I put between the sheets and Cheese

Desi, I'm glad that you were pleased! :)

perunika, great picture! Only my priyadat much!

Great bread! Which was performed today for the third time and each time successfully. I added cheese between peels. I'm not in uploading pictures and wait assistant for the job and will upload pictures later.
Thank Lirinka!

easy_155, I thank you for your trust! For me, the dough is universal, so the bread is my favorite. One can shape it as he pleases. :) When I decide to add cheese, prefer twisted cheese cake recipe, which is almost the same. Will wait for the photos! ;)

Compliments and me for the recipe! :)

long I was wrong cake. Tonight after many wonder what is the dinner: we decided cake. So here is the result, I think it worked well mnoogo! :)

Pepi, thanks! :) It is very beautiful on paper you won her ?!Do not be modest, looks gorgeous. I'm very happy! ;)

Thank you Bobby! All summer I was wrong bread, and started already :) And on paper, always use it when you bake this kind of test, easily check the sheet from the bottom baking pan and then cleaned very quickly!

great get both vynshen appearance and taste, thanks for the recipe will make it back to 1. 09-kryshteneto my children

djonsan, thank you for your trust and your recipe Satisfaction Guaranteed! :) Moreover pleased me that will be made for such a wonderful family holiday! Will wait picture! ;) Fun time! :)

Bravo! Great recipe!