Cocktail * Liquid salad *

Submitted by enr on 20 Nov 2014
1 cucumber
3 tomatoes
1/2 pepper optional
1-2 sprigs of parsley, mint, basil or coriander
Cocktail * Liquid salad *
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Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are washed, cleaned and cut in large pieces. Grind together with herbs in a blender or blender with a little water, then add a little more water to the desired density. Add salt to taste. Can be served with ice, at room temperature, or to cool in a refrigerator.
Very easy
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20 Nov 2014


I do not put pepper. Again it tasty. Sometimes I add yogurt. Is deliciously chilled.

And I like it without the pepper, and just thought to try it next time with a little yogurt :)

Great dear Heavy! I just wrote a reduced diet because I brought out my tooth and wondering how to eat only soup and porridge. This is a great option. I love tomato juice with chopped onion dip. Amazing idea!

I'm sorry that you had to forcibly keep diet so bad reason, I wish you a speedy improvement. Nice is the liquid salad and for such situations - useful and tasty :)