Multi-sheets twisted buns

Submitted by enr on 02 Dec 2012
20 g fresh yeast
350 ml milk
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt
50 g butter
600-700 g flour
# spreads:
50 g butter
1 egg
sesame Kim, colorful salt
Multi-sheets twisted buns
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Involved medium soft dough and leave to rise - a doubling of the volume. The risen dough is poured onto floured surface and is divided into parts with size as desired. Each hour rolled Ellipse. With a knife, make slits coated with the butter (can be patterned Sprinkle salt) and roll up (photo 1). Roll screw spiral, as one end remains underneath. The buns are placed in the pan (greased or littered with paper). Smeared with egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds. Rise for 15 minutes, bake in preheated oven at 200C degrees. Still hot can be smeared with butter, wrap up with a towel.
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02 Dec 2012


Very beautiful cakes, interesting way to turn, you'll be shot. Bravo mimsi.

And I like when I saw them! I hurried to try them and to share them with you. Simple, easy and so effective!

Great look, Mim! And I think to try :)

I saw them and immediately gave it a try :) become super! For me, however, are seen as good way of steering - the dough obviously I got softer (as always) :)

Just be careful with souring already shaped cakes! Can even skip it and start baking cold oven. renito, very fast! :) Well done!

Yes, very important in testing is to miss the hardness of the dough, time for rising and baking time!

Now I see that I missed staining and therefore suppose that in twisting the individual strips are stuck me :( This time can not be the dough :)

I watched them in the internet and I was pretty impressed with the originality! mimsi congratulations that upload the recipe! :)

I loved the recipe and decided to try it! For now, the cakes are very good! I put them to bake and then I will write how they become and put photos. :)

We are waiting with bated breath! :)

They became great cakes! Thanks for the nice recipe! Upload a photo! :)

Yes, the photographs that were really well received! Congratulations!

They look very well. Put them to favorites and will soon prepare :)

are great. Just try them and I'm not very adept at mixing and grinding I am delighted by the result. And how only smell!

I did not have the time necessary for rising dough, but nevertheless some dope. Thanks for the recipe

mimsi, much like us! I do them for the second time (I thought I remember how twisted and looked at your photos). Now I found that I made the right slots only ... :) :) But this does not affect the eating them :)

renito, great photos! I do not think that the difference in torsional problem, on the contrary! :)

mimsi, thanks! :) Last night they were prepared and great taste! Obviously something wrong with the design and bring them in appearance. Girls You know that around draznih yourself. Most of you know me virtually, so to say, I took a lot of blessings. ;) Since I did not want to overshadow the image of Reni, threw in a bakery counter. There you can see how you have set! But next time ... :)

Lirinka, I noticed that when using a lower-fat oil is obtained so-nice not separated layers. Have good oil and plenty spreads :) expect after you try! Good luck!

Mim, low-fat margarines and oils here, write directly on the package that are not suitable for baking and frying. Maybe it is. But last night I saw the photo of Bobby and I like it, it is delicious and look good :)

Girls, this low-fat butter sort of wooden stone is it?

Yes, Neville exactly :) One such *preparations* in boxes, advertise them, that oil can be covered directly after removal from the refrigerator and such unnecessary things. Some are a mixture of oil and butter 25:75. Others, however, are water-hardened vegetable fat artificial butter flavor.

Hello, girls! :) I have no idea what kind of oil to buy !? All the trash or to batch, no previous oil it! 100% of oil there. mimsi, if you are happy with any brand share. Girls, neglect appearance, I want to tell you that all pufkaha and groaning from overeating! ;) I wish you a nice day! :)

added the same recipe a few days without seeing that in fact it already has ... My source was another, but the dough is almost the same, and very winding, the rolls are very effective, and very tasty :)

And because deleting recipe move only pictures, no comments add - picture 14 (of lu4a) is greater cake shaped in this way. Also looks very good :)