Injected eggs

Submitted by enr on 28 Apr 2013
6 eggs
100 g feta cheese
60 g margarine (butter)
1 tsp curry
Injected eggs
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Eggs boiled, peeled and cut into two halves. Carefully tsp taken out yolks and creased with the feta cheese, margarine and curry. The mixture is injected into egg white half. Decorate with parsley and red pepper or as desired. * Weight of the feta cheese and margarine are approximate, may change in taste.
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28 Apr 2013


Easy, tasty, beautifully served appetizer!

Ina thanks, really easy and delicious.

Hey, Willie, great idea for the Easter eggs and not only! :) Well, how will we serious Sofra? ;)

Thanks Bobby, after the holidays will have to go on a diet ... :)

interesting and tasty appetizer, Willie! I hope you'll excuse me, I'm not spraying them, however, with my *nice* injection couldnt :)

Reni, congratulations for the interesting idea of ​​presenting! Spectacular! :)

Reni, perfect execution and presentation, no matter spraying or not, the important thing is that you have been delicious, and the picture is great for what I Thank You!

Ina, Villas, thanks for the compliments :) not my idea, a colleague showed me like sandwiches on the Internet (thanks, Pepi) and I immediately benefit :)

Anika, I'm glad that you like! :)