Vinegar with ginger

Submitted by enr on 11 Feb 2009
100 g of fresh ginger
200 ml white wine vinegar
Vinegar with ginger
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Ginger is peeled, cut into small pieces and Grind in a mortar or grind. Put it in a jar, pour vinegar. Allow two weeks, shaking daily. Strain. To all Asian sweet-sour or sour-spicy dishes. For marinating meat and fish.
Very easy
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11 Feb 2009


Aliana and how vrэmэ can stand so had a long shelf life thanks

After Strain will ograni4enie in durability. If ground and not s4ukan may be passed through a gauze or filter coffee.

If grated ginger again it right?

Yes, of course. It is important to destroy the fiber-structure of ginger and extract as much flavor.

Nowhere found such vinegar, apparently very rare. Will try apple hopefully get :)

Here, where I live, wine vinegars are three types: white, red and rosé. And they are everywhere, even in discounts as Lidl.

We are still in Bulgaria:) Here in Lidl no such thing has only dalnopprobna German beer: D

Well, do not buy ... what else to comment?