Almond triguni with puff pastry

Submitted by enr on 22 Jan 2009
200 g ground almonds
3 tbsp caster sugar
550 g puff pastry
# For the syrup:
1 cup sugar
2 cup water
3 tbsp amaretto flavoring or amaretto
pinch saffron
the juice of one lemon
rind of one lemon
Almonds and powdered sugar mix and dripping lemon juice until a thick mixture. Puff pastry cut into squares, put stuffing and close or triangle or rectangle. Bake at 180 C to browning. Attempted to cool. During this time, boil the syrup as lemon rind can be grated or peeled spiral and then be removed. Who prefers, can put a little lemon juice. Once the syrup is boiling so as to decrease by about 1/4, remove and put his amaretto liqueur or a few drops. Pour cold casseroles and allowed to fully assume. When roast rectangular syrup is better. I arrange them in keremidovidno tray and then lick.
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22 Jan 2009


Raleigh, put pictures of this beauty of almonds and immediately make them! Bravo!

Hey, that yummy again giving us :) Rally Direct to Favourites and will be doing :) Ham delicious, yet easy. Super!

I have tried but not almond, and these perhaps are very tasty :)