Chocolate cream cakes

Submitted by enr on 13 Mar 2012
400 ml cream
400 g chocolate spread
150 g butter
6-8 tbsp caster sugar
6-8 tbsp dark cocoa
20 ml fig liqueur
Chocolate cream cakes
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Cream chilled strong. The chocolate spread and the butter should be at room temperature, really soft. Cream stir for about a minute until it starts to foam. Insert the chocolate spread and mix until a smooth, medium tight cream (Ghana). Add the butter, powdered sugar, cocoa and liqueur, and is broken down to full coverage. The cream tightens in the refrigerator and leave at room temperature. Cakes made with it are removed from the refrigerator about 15 minutes before serving. * When putting the chocolate spread careful not preizbiete * * cream, ie it cross of butter and whey. If this occurs, heat the mixture to melt chilled in the refrigerator and strong again beat Ghana. * Note that the longer you stir finished cream, the lighter it becomes, because the butter in it whiten. This is not desirable. The aim is to cream is rich chocolate.
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13 Mar 2012


Chocolate, are you ready to buy, here we have a Nutella and chocolate 1 kg. Cake is hard but if you melt the chocolate in a water bath will work?

I use Nuspli of Tsentis, which is sort of Nutella, only it is softer and sweeter. Use-Nutella, but put the jar in warm, not hot water, to relax nice chocolate and can be broken, but not hot, to not cross the cream.

Thanks a lot for accurate comprehensive explanation I liked very creamy and easy to prepare.

gosh, this is a great lake. Will look forward method you.

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rush to see pictures forgot evaluation :)

rally here will say: great decoration! I have the feeling that I can splash :)
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