Chicken Grilled Meat with vegetables

Submitted by enr on 21 Mar 2009
500 g chicken
2 carrots
2-3 peppers
3-4 onions
about 50-100 g cheese (smoked)
250 ml cooking cream
dill or parsley
125 g butter
sunflower oil for greasing saci
2-3 potatoes
Chicken Grilled Meat with vegetables
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Sachat put on the stove to warm, greased with plenty of sunflower oil. Chicken cut into small pieces (in any form you wish.) Peppers cut into strips or rings of onions and carrots also on wheels. Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices. When sachat nice is hot put first the chicken and stir to bake evenly. When it is removed from the ready saci and put in another court. Then saci put all the vegetables. On them 3-4 times pour melted butter of pre and sauté until tender nice. As they are almost done, add them to the meat again and nice mix. On everything sprinkle grated cheese and pour cream. Allow 1-2 minutes still on the stove until the cream is spilled over the saci. Serve sprinkled with dill or parsley.
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21 Mar 2009


delicious meals :) It's a pity that I sach, but of course can and in another court.

Yes. Not to worry. Can it spretnesh in pan. Even so you can put more cream and become more sauce.

Ah, that vkusnoo :). But saci is sach :) The taste is completely different. Annie bought and have no regrets. And pitas are delicious it :)

Leleeeee seems great delicious meals Rossi bravo!

To really looks quite appetizing :)

Yes, very tasty. I've never eaten .. but I remember in so far as the one who had eaten and corn .. Abe overall great recipe!

looks quite appetizing and tempting to try. Bravo!

A great recipe! I sach, but I have been told that a ceramic hob can not use it! Is it true?

Vesi is not true. I just ceramic hob do it because I have a gas stove. But the only condition is that you have to put saci cold stove and only this man to let him go to warm up, because if it is heated stove can burst saci.

Thanks to the rapid response, will try!

exceeded all expectations. Prepared him for guests. I sach and prepared pan. Finally Add all in a fireproof container, put the cheese and cream and flip a few minutes in the oven. Very tasty and spectacular dish.

I am very glad that this recipe has liked you and your guests.

Bravo, short to4no and clearly how to prepare sach. I read more, but that I most liked. Super is!

delicious sach. thanks for the interesting recipe

sach great, very tasty and easy to prepare. Bravo!

To the recipe I added corn and mushrooms, without cream and potatoes. I think it would be good if put eggplant and zucchini. Any vegetables taste can be added, but the onions should prevail. For sach say that both my spraskaha. Pre-soak them in melted lard one day. I put one on the ceramic plate and the other on a simple, low temperature, but none lasts. I did everything in order in the good old stick pan and ordered in clay casseroles that zapekoh for half an hour in the oven. Sprinkled with cheese. Again rose to lick your fingers. Now I know why they invented teflon.

I cooked it on the stove in tendzhara because I just sach constipation it in the oven for 10 minutes finally somewhere was very very tasty ... I ate until I put dill and fennel is very nice and can not again would be great but in sach probably become even better

I did it in a pot and bake it very tasty.