Colorful dish with roasted skinless sausages

Submitted by enr on 16 Jan 2014
1 kg potatoes
900 g skinless sausages (15)
200 g root celery / celery
150 g of carrot (2)
150 g of onion (3 heads)
150 g peas, fresh, frozen (1 cup)
250 g green beans, fresh, frozen
1 large red bell pepper
40-50 ml sunflower oil
2 liters vegetable stock or water
pepper, salt
1 tsp paprika
2 tsp savory
1 tsp thyme
5 tbsp chili sauce
parsley for sprinkling
dried chili pepper for sprinkling
Colorful dish with roasted skinless sausages
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In a large saucepan put the broth / water with the oil, it is put chopped onions, chopped medium diced potatoes and celery and sliced ​​carrots. Put them spices. All boil and boil on medium heat about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the skinless sausages were cut into quarters which are cut crosswise at both ends. The skinless sausages baked in a hot oven. Pepper cut into in small pieces. After 20 minutes in the dish add beans and chili sauce, then another 5 minutes - the skinless sausages, peas and peppers. Boil for another 10 minutes and serve sprinkled with parsley and crushed toasted dried chili pepper. * The skinless sausages can also be fried instead of baked, and are replaced by salami or sausage of your choice. I use turkey Viennese skinless sausages smoked feta cheese and pepper. * Quantities are for 8 servings.
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16 Jan 2014