Cookie roll - chocolate

Submitted by enr on 11 Dec 2011
200 g cocoa tea biscuits
100 g butter
100 g chocolate spread
100g ground walnuts
essences of vanilla and rum
# For sprinkling:
100g ground walnuts
# For the cream:
100 ml cream
50 g white chocolate
Cookie roll - chocolate
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Biscuits and the walnuts is ground to a fine. Kneaded with the butter and the chocolate spread. Essences are added in the desired amount. Spread on foil, as is formed in a rectangular or square shape. Smeared with cream. Wind up with fthe oil roll and put it to freeze, then moved to the refrigerator - to cut good pieces. For the cream: The cream is heated and it is melted chocolate.Allow to cool. Beat with mixer until thickening. From this cream left a couple of spoons spreads above to better adhere the walnuts for sprinkling.
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11 Dec 2011


Hello Nelly picture is outstanding immediately makes you want to do this roll. Just do me wrong please cours I do it only once that something, binds me how to prepare the photo could you explain how white cream which is actually supposed to be filling in the middle is not visible. After Spread chocolate on top and namazhem cream should be brown top part and the image shows that the filling is chocolate? ? ?

STELKINA, you really do not understand the question. I made minor edits to po9dobro description, but everything is in order, I think you something osheetmvash pridstavite. Cream covered in The whole crust biscuit and taking nanviva be rolled inside is izshtarva entire roll with cream.

will add a photo from another recipe and will be published, but nothing

Thanks for the quick response. Apparently just these 2 tablespoons for coating roll top which had failed to write the whole thing confused. I think the second picture which added to the film is right for this recipe. Will do necessarily roll. Put assessment because I do not doubt that become delicious.

Thank you and I!