Grannys Caterpillar

Submitted by enr on 25 Dec 2010
200 g lard (butter)
1 cup sugar (powder or crystal)
1 egg
1 cup incomplete yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp baking soda or ammonia
3 1/2 - 4 cups flour
Grannys Caterpillar
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Well softened lard Stir the cream with powdered sugar (if using granulated sugar, the court must put in another container with warm water). Add the egg, stir the mixture and when it over completely, add the yogurt and soda. If working with baking powder, he sifted flour. If caustic ammonia is used - it is dissolved in 1 tsp vinegar is added. Finally flour is added gradually, and mixed with a spoon until a soft dough. In slightly oiled tray extruded Caterpillar. Can be used for meat and machine, with special equipment (as pictured). Bake in preheated oven at moderate temperature - 170-180 C
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25 Dec 2010


have been looking for a recipe for Caterpillar - Ina thank you! I wish you Happy Holidays !!!

Faith, and I thank you. Happy Holidays to you and hope Caterpillar have you taste!

Classic, many I've cooked my daughter as a child. Bravo Ina :)

Thank you, Maggie! Must be reminded of the old and tested recipes!

You're right, sometimes even molding them as roses and put them pecan nut or otherwise. Use a tool such as a thimble with a hole in the end.

This is one of the recipes in my childhood as they say :) My mum made them almost every week :): D Just to say that lard, as indicated in the recipe, are much mekichki and delicious :)

Light, completely right. Most -spoluchlivi have mass. I have tried and oil, and oil. With oil are somehow harder.

At home in the old notebooks these cookies are saved as Vasenitsi, but I like a little telling them that they Caterpillars. Shtpritsvaha through metal baking pan for tolumbichki by pushing the dough with your thumb. Form which was received S- shaped caterpillar or roses, sometimes florets on a piece of pecan nut after firing sprinkled with a little icing sugar. Here the proportion of our products and tested recipe:Products, preferably all be at room temperature and not by the fridge:
4 eggs
1 pm. H. Granulated sugar
1 h. H. Unrendered lard at room temperature
1 level teaspoon lie to. baking soda plus further raising agent:
1 again. baking powder (or if you do not currently replace it with *home baking* 1 pinch with three fingers of shtipnato citric acidto mixed with 1 coffee lie to complete. baking soda)
1 vanilla
flour as necessary - can be screened, but it is not essential
From all this it is kneaded soft dough (as earlobe, says grandmother). Injection molding is shapes directly on dry pan. Bake until slightly pink.
Enjoy your meal :)

very successful, I made them eat lard straight as melt in the mouth :) Thanks for the nice recipe!

Marina, I'm glad that this old recipe appeals to young people!

For a long time looking for this recipe, but I have no gun. If they are formed as standard cookies if you get?

Maria will become.

Thank tillia, these days I will make them and report.

bravo, thank you very much and I really long search for the recipe, roast them at the moment, may be obtained ...

Mary, I hope you have been well.

are great! I do them in the form of kisses and they put chocolate -prevazhodni !!

online87, the dough is suitable for injection molding in all shapes, which as he likes! :)

How much time is roughly the drought?

turn pink little while :) I with fans from above and from below about 8 minutes at 160-170- degrees

Nadia, online87 you responded for which many thanks :) Do not bake much time depends on the oven. Should the underside slightly brown.

A number of columns become?

recipe made with butter and baking powder, but I do not get it. I made them with a gun, but put them in the oven drifted away. Why so?

migla_, sorry for the failure! You can keep them warm before them or bake oven was not previously well heated. I sincerely hope that you do not do that anymore! :)