Karadzhovski dolmas

Submitted by enr on 09 Jan 2009
1 kg pork chops
1 carrot
2-3 pickles
150 g fresh mushrooms mushrooms
leaves sauerkraut
200 g processed cheese
soy sauce
4 tbsp tomato paste
4-5 cloves garlic
Karadzhovski dolmas
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Cutlets fuck well. Cucumbers and carrots cut into julienne. All spices are mixed in a bowl. In each chop put cucumbers, carrot, 1 tsp of spices and processed cheese. Cabbage leaves are cleaned from solid, as it is not discarded and ranks at the bottom of the glass pan. In each leaf put chop and turns dolma. Arranged in the pan and pour soy sauce and tomato paste diluted. Bake in moderate oven 40-50 minutes.
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09 Jan 2009


Oh, it is very tasty and original recipe will try necessarily done!

These leafs are original recipe of our famous singer of the group *Signal* Yordan Karadjov transmission of *Bon Appetit*.

must therefore say Karadzhovski.

I do not know about Ancho Karadjov, but I got her this recipe from 2003 and I have copies of newspaper. Most of my recipes I have them copied and collected for years, so I can not say from which newspaper or magazine is. Last night I made them become great. Today they will let the pictures

Bravo! Great look and must be made! Ancho Karadjov clearly understood and cuisine.

Eyyy .. great photos was!

loved ones leafs. Will definitely give them a try.

They look very delicious.

Suggest garnish!Tasty look.

I've never cooked them with furniture, because they are rich enough. Prepare them very tasty and I guess it will not be sorry !!

Thanks for the reply.

This delicacy is mainly mestse, I would recommend fried or baked potatoes for garnish.

Paul, thank you. Mother in law was similar rules, but I was on duty and I have not tried them. So I do not know what will go for garnish.

They got super, super delicious sarma. Did more soy sauce and tomato paste to have little sauce. I added them and a little honey. Thank you for the nice recipe.

I am glad that you liked!

I were done that day were very tasty. I put them and mushrooms (I see that here in the product, but no recipe). Peko them stew in a very low oven. Since it was fairly compacted sauce with a little flour, one egg yolk and milk.

And we approved recipe. Really are very tasty. I put all of spices, but not in equal amounts (most - economically approached to nutmeg). I wondered where and when to put the garlic and finally ... I forgot, and my leafs are without garlic.

I garlic slice it into rings and put it to the stuffing, but I failed to write it, I ask your pardon!