Layered cake Montenegro - II type

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# For the syrup:
150 g sugar
200 ml cold water
70 ml Kirsch or vishnovka or Maraschino liqueur
# For the filling:
2 cup fresh or dried cherries or cherry Maraschino - candied cherries
# For the cream:
600 g sour cream
250 g cooking sweetened cream
150 g of powdered sugar
Cherry flavor and vanilla
50 g Kirsch or vishnovka or Maraschino liqueur
# For the base:
250 g butter large pats of unsalted
6 eggs type L
200 g sugar
80 g flour
1 tbsp vanilla extract
100 g of unsweetened cocoa - powder
# For decoration:
candied cherries
200 g of dark chocolate
100 g white chocolate
Layered cake Montenegro - II type
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Day before making the cake make chocolate flakes, cigar and other decoration from 300 g chocolate and let cool. For the syrup for irrigation: Mix the water and sugar and heat over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves and cook for 5 minutes. After cooling the syrup put Kirsch or vishnovka. For the filling: If you use dried fruit pre soak them in water. If using fresh fruit, clean them from the stems and pits. Boil the fruit in sugar syrup that you have prepared for watering cake. Simmer for 5-10 minutes. Remove and drain the fruit. If you use candied cherries preserved - type Maraschino (candied with handles) squeeze them from the syrup. For the base: Melt the butter in a small pan until the surface appears foam. Leave a very low heat the butter to simmer until the resulting milky liquid boil off bottom. Another option is to download the butter from the heat and knock down from above the resulting oil mixture, leaving the liquid dairy liquid from below. Principle is like melted butter Indian Gee. In a small bowl, sift the flour with cocoa. In a bowl, beat 2 egg yolks with 70 g sugar until blanching and add 1/3 of the butter. Mix at high speed. Beat 2 egg whites of hard snow with a little salt - the tip of the spoon. To egg mixture, add 60 g or 1/3 of the flour with cocoa, stirring with a spoon or spatula. Add egg whites and some vanilla extract and mix gently. In littered with confectionery (electric) paper or oiled and sprinkled with flour a round baking tin with a diameter of 20 cm, pour the mixture. Bake in a preheated 180 C oven for 10-15 minutes. Leave base thus obtained to cool for about 5 minutes before removing with cooking paper. Leave the base to cool completely impaled with a fork surface and syrup with 1/3 warmed syrup. Not have to water the base much, should not swim in syrup and slightly moist. Repeat 2 more times. You get 3 the base. If your oven has a higher volume and can have 3 forms a diameter of 20 cm, you can make the bases at once, such as prepare the entire quantity of dough. This would shortens your time in preparation, but if you make the dough and three the base of the bunch, and bake them one by one, the remaining sponge dough will drop and subsequent bases will not arise. Cream: Mix sour cream with powdered sugar. Beat the liquid chilled pastry cream fluffy cream flavored. To half liquid pastry cream, add sour cream and beat for no more than 30 seconds again. Assemble the cake: Peel off the cooking paper soaked first base. Place half of the cream of both types of creams and arrange half of the cherries. Put the second base and repeat the process. Put on third base. Surface and sides of the cake brush with half the remaining cream cream. Smooth cream and spraying roses. Let it sit. Before the presentation, doukrasete outer edge of the cake and decorate with the chocolate center that did advance, and top with candied cherries.
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27 Sep 2012