Lutenitsa with carrots

Submitted by enr on 21 Sep 2013
8 kg red peppers
2 kg carrots
2 jar of tomato paste (from 700-800 g)
1 cup garlic
500 ml sunflower oil
about 100-200 g of sugar
pepper, salt
Lutenitsa with carrots
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Bake the peppers and peel them and clean the seed and handles, in the meantime boil cleaned carrots and garlic until soft. Passed through a meat grinder roasted and peeled peppers then cooked carrots and garlic. Mix tomato paste, carrots, peppers and garlic. Add salt and tampering with sugar and pepper. Minced meat parsley and the relationship with the oil poured inside them with constant stirring. Spread chutney in jars which boil for 20 minutes. * Be careful with the salt because someone purees are quite savory, try to obtain the desired taste. * At home all chutneys are boiled for sure, but if you can only sterilize for ten minutes. * This is our favorite chutney home that my grandmother prepared for winter tasted it might happen and your favorite chutney.
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21 Sep 2013


My mother made a similar chutney, but this amount and put about 2 kg roasted eggplant. Furthermore, no added garlic and parsley and savory, but the spices are a matter of taste. This is our favorite recipe for chutney. Carrots becomes slightly sweet and very nice.