Macau potatoes

Submitted by enr on 04 Dec 2011
1 kg potatoes
10 cookies dry red peppers
4-5 cloves garlic
150 ml sunflower oil
Macau potatoes
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Katofite Boil in salted water with the skin. More hot peel and namachvat in a mortar, released in a suitable container. Dried peppers were washed and boiled in a little water. As soften subtracted, peel and smash in the mortar with the garlic cloves and a little salt. Add to mash the potatoes and stir well, if necessary add salt. In a pan heat them until the oil is heated well and poured it into other products. Add 4-5 tbsp of water in which mumbo pepper and mix well. Serve with bread. Traditionally not used device and with pachre bread to dip in Macao. Macao comes from the verb * * makam - sweeping, melt (little difficult for me to find the right word, I hope I did and I apologize vague translation).
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04 Dec 2011


buci - congratulations for a great picture! On one wants to chupne of fragrant bread to eat fries! Especially if there is a hot pepper.

tillia, thank you! Optionally, you can add the hot pepper.

This will definitely try. I'm a fan of lyutichkoto so without peppers not mine! buci, marvelous are your recipes!

There is something to do with Лютика Dried peppers potatoes . And because I know what the taste, so without thinking I gave evaluation. Now I will make with garlic as recipe buci.

Hey, buci, again suggesting yummy .. :) It is now too late to make it, but tomorrow for sure. But I think the oil to be replaced with oil.

And I like the recipes and photos you, but you know it! :) And I like Vesi oil I tried. Only dried peppers I have actually never eaten :( Would make with dried tomatoes?

This *makam* not like our *ma (x) am*), ie eat with a flourish?

Thank Rally! In fact only if the sample with dried tomatoes and share'll know how it received. Dried peppers can be replaced with coarsely ground pepper. In such a case can be put directly to the garlic and crushed together. With oil I have not tried, but can not help but happen. Macau is delicious and one can reduce firmly :) when we chutney, as we collect in bukancheta, vsimahme one bread and we sat around the baking pan and sweep debris ... is this is Macau. :)

There was a song parody of summertime I think it was, which practices traditional saying *Daddy ma'a bacon with onions.* Obviously right for such ma'ane question :))))))))))))

Great delicious meals. Buci, thank reminded me of this recipe. As do plenty of potato salad had always getting enough this way. Before serving, sprinkle with a little Cheese on top. Now will try and garlic instead of leeks. Rally becomes delicious with dried tomatoes and paprika. And *Macao* -it is great, there is no dispute :)

Buci, great picture and recipe!

Unique photo! Much yummy! Pozdravche!

And that will not happen with pecheneni peppers from a jar? Has anyone tried the ... Otherwise surely like it.

veselinka, there is no way to not happen. Write how you received!

song is the channel :)*Winter is
Vuk ends up back outside you,
Dad maa greaves with onion. *