Potato baked with mushrooms, bacon and white sauce

Submitted by enr on 23 Sep 2011
1 kg potatoes
300 g bacon
200 g mushrooms
300 g cheese
2 tomatoes
50 g butter
150 ml cream
200 ml milk
5- 6 triangles processed cheese
100 g smoked feta cheese
salt, pepper, oregano
Potato baked with mushrooms, bacon and white sauce
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Cook potatoes. Peel and cut into circles. Bacon cut into small pieces, mushrooms - slices and tomatoes into thin slices. Grease the tin with butter. Is arranged row potatoes, bacon and mushrooms and other potatoes. Add salt a little at the top. Then put the tomatoes, slightly savory and sprinkle with pieces of butter. The dish is placed to seal in a hot oven. During this time, the cream is mixed with milk and put to boil. Processed feta cheese cut into small pieces and place in a cream - Stir to melt them. Add spices to taste. Grate the cheese. When the dish is constipated is removed from the oven and pour the milk mixture. On top sprinkle with cheese and return to finish cooking while catch tasty crust.
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23 Sep 2011


Dianka, smoked cheese Josi, where you put it?

ha ha - not Sym Sym is sybudila and drop it in the mixture of cream and milk with melted cheese melt it.

Wow what a beautiful rose, bravo how we do?

but plynkata is in the middle of the ball, mash the potatoes and covered, then I shaped leaves - incidentally took some photographs - never think, EGA will get

by the way here is still raw

It is great to look at.