Pumpkin cheesecake without baking

Submitted by enr on 04 Nov 2014
190 g biscuits
100 g butter
3 tbsp honey
150 g whole-milk cottage cheese
400 g sour cream
20 g gelatin
300 g pumpkin
1 vanilla
Pumpkin cheesecake without baking
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Cookies are crushed crumbs using a blender. In a bowl, mix with the melted butter and honey. Biscuit mixture is formed as a base of the cake (in a baking dish with removable walls) as good pressed to get a base. Pumpkin cut into pieces and boiled steamed, then mashed, add one of the two blistered and melted gelatin, seasoned with vanilla. The white cream is made by a nice mix the cottage cheese with sugar to taste and sour cream until a smooth mixture. The cream is added to the second gelatin. In the chilled form with biscuits pour first white cream and pumpkin mixture on it. With swirling light movements with a spoon to make ripple cake to achieve the beautiful patterns of mixing of the two cream. cheesecake leave at least 2-3 hours in the refrigerator to harden the gelatin nice.
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04 Nov 2014


Thank you and tastes somewhat lekichak diet compared with most cakes.

It does seem tempting :) Packets gelatin guess are 10 g, 150 g biscuits Are? And how big is the package cottage cheese? How big is a form suitable for cheesecake?

I apologize, but later I saw the rules and fail to correct recipe Gelatin were two sachets of '10
Biscuits I prefer to win that 190 g
Form cake is f24, maybe in F20 as cheesecake will be higher

curd with us is 150 g, but if the package is less or more can be adjusted with the cream

Thanks to the rapid and accurate response :)

Hello, the cake is not only seductive, and very tasty and light. Do it. Sunny day to all and thanks for the recipe!

Very beautiful look, but unfortunately 13 years Tuck never learned to eat chiyzkeik, and it is. I can not get used to the taste of the cheese using in sweet cream. Could not do it without curd?

AnnaJames, I use the recipes as an idea in most cases and always add something of their own (or remove). Curd can be replaced with more sour cream, whipped cream, yogurt or milk. Question of tastes is

great cheesecake, I'm fascinated. I did not believe it would be so successful recipe.