Spinach roll

Submitted by enr on 14 Mar 2010
250 g rice
300 g spinach
1 onion
3 glass onion
1/2 bunch parsley
salt, pepper
3 tbsp sunflower oil
1 raw egg
boiled eggs 2
1 carrot
100 g cheese
Spinach roll
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Rice is boiled in 500 ml salted water and leave to cool. Two types of onions smothered in fat, add coarsely chopped spinach and after choke, are seasoned with black pepper and chopped parsley. This mixture is added to the rice, mix well. If it is very hot, wait for it to cool and then add raw egg. The finished rice-spinach mixture onto a hollow aluminum foil, pre-greased. Top put stuffing of chopped boiled eggs and carrot. Turn gently roll using fthe oil and together with it is placed in the tray. Bake in a preheated 200 C oven for 15 minutes. Unscrewed be fthe oil and roll sprinkled with grated cheese. Returns in the oven to seal the cheese for 2-3 minutes, only upper wire. Before you cut, wait for it to cool a little in order not to fall apart. It can be consumed and completely cold, as an appetizer.
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14 Mar 2010


I loved the recipe and implementation. Bravo!

Auuu, bravo! I love these recipes. I'm going to film. Then I'll write about the opinion of consumers.

I have preserved salt bush. Will try it.

I loved the recipe. To favorites is!

Great. You should try it.

ideal meal for the child, thanks for the recipe.

Bravo, very nice spring dish. Will try it during the week.

do it from years and is really delicious. I put mushrooms for stuffing. try and dock stayotno is.

Why do people cheat? You Ratio rice: water not you know how? 1: 3 or 1: 2. 7. Of your recipe pour 1: 2, which is not enough to cooked rice. Finally, if you can not cook - do not write nonsense. Nothing personal, protect many young (as his girlfriend, who tried to dress it) ...

Well :) gallium, 500ml = 2 5h. h, when using a glass of 200ml. And have rice / me I come across such a / which is boiled with 2 h. H water. And if you think a little, after the rice will be given as stuffing is better not fully cooked, to avoid banging then in the stuffing. In such cases, it is boiled in a little water :) :) :)

There are many types of rice boiled with a little water. Moreover, certain kitchens also used in a small amount of liquid. My godmother is Armenian and I know that they brew it in a ratio of 1: 2, 5/3, so according depends on rice and method of preparation. And in this case I think we need to consider the difference between the units and gram per milliliter. I also agree with BABY, that using stuffing for rice should be slightly taken from the liquid, then continue cooking. I think the recipe is very good, I have rules in the manner described and my daughter liked it, but it is generally quite capricious ...

galinpetkov I never brew rice 1: 3 or 1: 2, 5. For me and the people around me that is razvaren, Muffler rice. Round rice (eg pearl) brew 1: 2, basmati, jasmine or Patna - 1: 1, 5. Estestestveno that to boil, he needs equipment and cooking is not just to come and plyosnesh. I sweat over medium heat, and when the water level with the rice it quite damp, wrap cover with a cloth and leave more 10ina minutes. Naturally do not mix. Cooked this way, I repeat cooked, not raw;) has a tight grain rice, which are separated from one another. Served as a garnish to dishes with sauces, rice has the potential to take over from them and be a full component of the dish.

was looking for a recipe for something different and get a tasty dish. Roll made with fresh nettle - become super :) Thank you, Stella :)

great! Added to the stuffing and pre-steamed mushrooms and all home liked the result! :) Thank you for the great recipe Steady and special thanks to Aliana of shared equipment cooking rice! :)

roll was very tasty, very successful recipe and easy to implement. I boiled a little and carrot. Upload a photo.

wonderful dish! Thanks for the recipe :).