Baked potatoes on salt

Submitted by enr on 23 Jan 2012
1 kg potatoes
salt 300 g (normal salt)
50 ml sunflower oil or 50 g butter
Baked potatoes on salt
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Potatoes should not be fresh, but they are not a very thick crust . Choose the quantity of potatoes according to the tray or guests. Wash them, cut them in two. Cover bottom of pan with salt and turn the potatoes over it with their bottoms up. On each potato sprinkled with the oil or brush with the butter. Bake at 200-250C about 20-25 minutes or until the crust a little wrinkle. When they are ready, waiting to separate themselves from the salt and serve as a side dish.
Very easy
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23 Jan 2012


normal salt you or coarse? I'm on salt baked chicken, fish in sea salt and I did ask for it. The meals are great. surely try and fries.

Salt is normal as we put on our meals.

I made them with sea salt. Were super delicious and easy. It took me longer to get wrinkled crackling - about 45 minutes.

I'm not doing them with sea salt, but next time I'll try that. Hope you like. Look great in the picture.

Very interesting recipe chicken do on sea salt, mono potatoes I have not tried. Super easy it seems to me, as a chicken. Thanks for the idea.