Banitsa with skinless sausage and mayonnaise

Submitted by enr on 01 Oct 2014
500 g filo pastry sheets
6 eggs
4 skinless sausages
200 g feta cheese
200 g cheese, shredded
100 ml water
125 g smoked mayonnaise
200 g margarine (slightly molten)
Banitsa with skinless sausage and mayonnaise
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The skinless sausages cut into rings (neither too thin nor thick). Two of the eggs are mixed with the feta cheese and grated cheese. A thick mixture, but this should not bother you. Melt the margarine in microwave until soft, but not too thin consistency. I use a rectangular tray, but you can in any generally prepare your ordinary banitsa. Grease the tin with sunflower oil. On the bottom is placed a sheet that is smeared with margarine on her second crust, which is smeared with margarine is put circles and skinless sausage mixture (feta cheese, cheese and eggs). The mixture is thick and you can not be spread, though this is not a problem. Begins ordinal sheet which crouch on them and put skinless sausages and mix. When you put the last crust on it not put skinless sausages and mix. Ordered banitsa is cut to length and width. Pour the rest of the melted margarine (at least - 3 tbsp). In a separate bowl whisk mayonnaise with water and add the remaining 4 eggs, mix until homogeneous as possible. The resulting mixture is poured over the banitsa. The tray is placed in the heated oven 200-210C degrees and bake until the top and bottom grab brown crust (about 45 minutes according to your oven).
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01 Oct 2014


pie was made many times and each time is great! Enjoy your meal! :)