Cheesecake in a glass

Submitted by enr on 08 Aug 2010
150 g biscuits Cocoa
500 g unsalted cottage cheese
1 tsp sweetener incomplete suite ultra or 80-100 g of sugar
1 cup yogurt (200 g)
50 g creamer
optional flavoring - 1 vanilla, zest of half a lemon, rum
# For topping:
500 g peach (or other fruit)
10-15 drops sweetener or 2-3 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
walnuts or other nuts for sprinkling - optional
Cheesecake in a glass
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The biscuits are ground or crushed into small pieces. Put in glasses or bowls, as with the convex part of spoon evenly distributed on the bottom and part of the walls. The cottage cheese mix cream with sweetener and 100 g of yogurt. Add dry cream previously whipped with the rest of the yogurt and if you put - the smell. Peel peaches, cut into small pieces, add drops of sweetener and put on high heat for 2-3 minutes. Removed from heat, sprinkle with cinnamon, stir and leave to cool. From curd was carefully placed in the center of each cup, adding at least, so as not to destroy the edge of the biscuit on the wall. Was placed on top peach topping. Leave in the fridge for at least several hours. When serving sprinkle with coarsely chopped nuts or other optional. * It is desirable curd mixture is not too dry to allow cookies to be dampened.
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08 Aug 2010


Wow, straight to Favorites, only goodies any diets!

flowers, that it is diet dessert. If you put your dietary biscuits, even more.

may also help to replace cream ready for cheesecake from Piccadilly price 2. 59lv. The mixture was in a bag in 0. 200 g of Youtis-Greece and looks like an starch. I slowed more eg. Milk and get a pretty amount of cake and added for flavor and taste strawberry jam. Next time I'll try with chocolate. It's quick and easy, even at an affordable price.

Aqua, what is written on the packaging of the cream? Only in Piccadilly you have it?

And to me is interesting - Ready cream cheesecake. This would facilitate the pretty cook.

The packaging says: ,, Cream for quick and easy preparation of cheesecake, cakes, cream cakes, pies and dr.deserti *.Is it only in Piccadilly not know, just randomly saw it, because I sought cooking chocolate and found a MILMEX Ltd ,, Cocoa glaze for cakes *to 0.200 g 1.35lv.Wait to bring me aparatche + cable and then will upload photos.

Ina, again offering us the delicious meals! Put in your favorites, bravo!

Hello, it sounds great. I am interested in these products for what amount sufficient because I want to do it in the pan, not the cups. Do I need to double my products. Thanks in advance.

linsmalins, with a similar amount of products I've made with pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate. I have used oiled cake form with removable bottom and a diameter of about 20 cm. I guess this will orient. :)