Chicken with vegetables in clay casseroles

Submitted by enr on 13 Aug 2011
1 kg chicken nuggets
5-6 onions
5-6 sklidki garlic
2 large carrots
2 large peppers
10 mushrooms or 500 g sterilized mushrooms
300 g canned corn
3-4 chillies
salt, soy sauce, black pepper, parsley
cheese for sprinkling
sunflower oil
Chicken with vegetables in clay casseroles
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Each product smother less in Teflon pan and in the same order uttering them in clay casseroles. The oven is switched after putting casseroles. Smothering them for about 1 hour to mix the odors of the different products. Then distribute in plates, also clay for a more enjoyable, and sprinkle with cheese while still hot to poraztopi cheese. * Weight of each product may be reduced or increased, depending on taste preferences. * This recipe is for cooking in clay sach, but my both be broken, placing them on the fire, although it was cold, and I do not get, so I decided to cook in a pot, which also became very tasty. * To experience the ultimate culinary experience I recommend eating this dish with Пърленки of BBQ (see recipe) .
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13 Aug 2011


That's something I thought lately. I have in the freezer ide domestic fowl, which are very suitable for cooking casseroles. I will use the same products, but will put everything (except cheese) in a pot and leave it to cook slowly and long.

I've cooked with boneless chicken, because other dishes is a little tough, but there is a double meat processing and becomes fragile. A cheese put immediately before the presentation of the dish. There is no need long cooking because vegetables.