Coconut cake with chocolate

Submitted by enr on 07 May 2010
4 eggs
2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup sunflower oil
50 g grated chocolate
1 capsule flavor (lemon or vanilla)
10 g baking powder
2 tbsp cocoa
# For glaze:
50 g of milk chocolate
30-40 g butter
3 tbsp white wine
# For sprinkling:
Coconut cake with chocolate
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Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Court and plenty of eggs must be perfectly dry. Important for the good result of the cake is in egg whites does not fall even a drop of yolk. White: A four egg whites are broken down into the snow. Gradually add small doses half of that sugar, beating continuously with the mixer. After a solid snow, add 1/2 of the essence. Again stirred gently. Then add half of that product in flour mixed with baking powder 1/2. Stirred with a wooden spoon and was added in small doses. Finally, add 25 g of grated chocolate. Yellow: A four yolks fight with the remaining sugar until white. Add the oil, 1/3 cup hot water and the remainder of the essence. Then proceed as with the white mixture. The flour is mixed with the other half of baking powder and was added in small doses. Stirring again with a wooden spoon. Finally add the remaining grated chocolate pieces. In a well greased with butter or margarine cake pan pour 1/2 of the yellow mixture. Then using a small strainer sprinkle cocoa, taking care not to stick to the sides of the form (not to stick extractions). Onto the thus sprinkled yellow mixture was poured entire quantity of white mixture. Again sprinkle with cocoa on top, pour the rest of the yellow mixture. Bake in a preheated 100 C oven for 10 minutes. Then increased to 160 C and bake until full mode. The glaze is prepared in a water bath to thickening of the chocolate mixture. After flights cake sprinkled with coconut.
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07 May 2010


oh-oh-oh well it seems is great!

And very tasty! :)

I guess that sugar is divided into two for the two mixtures, right?

It is. Corrected missed.

cake is great! Post photos. Not very different colors (like the original), but it was very tasty. I recommend it!

I'm glad you liked it! Looks great!