Couscous with caramel cream

Submitted by enr on 16 Sep 2013
200 g pre-cooked couscous
150 ml milk
2 eggs
50 g melted butter
a few drops of rum
100 g sugar
Couscous with caramel cream
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Products are my eye, I have not measured by accuracy. The milk is heated, add sugar to melt, then remove from the heat, put the two beaten eggs and melted butter and stir well, then put a few drops of rum (I put on Oetker). Cooked couscous is placed in the custard mixture and again nice mix. Put it into small shapes or other court Bake in a water bath as caramel custard.
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16 Sep 2013


A caramel where? I understand it is a paste type *Couscous* and not a real couscous, right?

emp this mixture which is milk sugar and eggs baked in a water bath so make creme caramel. Cous cous not know if it lead type of pasta, these are small balls, but whether it is true or type of pasta do not know, I did not even know there are two kinds of cous cous, I know only one and it is this small balls

Well, right, yacheniyat cream spill into shapes with caramelized sugar on the bottom and bake in a water bath. Custard with caramel. And yes, cous-Kusa, you are talking about is a paste type Couscous.

and what other kind of cous cous, pasta not type

See this recipe, there is clearly visible. Otherwise there is enough info in the net, but here in the forum also has a theme, but I can not find a search function, the topic is older, perhaps Navy will find her and I'll let her go. :)

That is the theme of couscous Forum - Couscous (below right is search the entire site including the forum). Bulgarian as say couscous understood pasta couscous, put his other definitions such as *true* or *Moroccan* :)

for the title of this recipe seems to me more appropriate to a couscous with cream or similar, creme caramel cream portion is used :)

goes well with cous cous another name with caramel cream