Dessert Magic

Submitted by enr on 16 Apr 2010
500 g fine filo pastry sheets
1 liter milk
4 eggs
7-8 tbsp sugar
8 tbsp flour
125 g butter
sunflower oil
ground walnuts (optional)
Dessert Magic
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Take 4-5 sheets of sheet and after curry favor with a little sunflower oil are screwed on tight roll. The roll is cut into pieces of about 1 cm. Received snails are arranged in a dry bed tray and baked in the oven until it turns rosy (a little more pink, but before tanning). While cool cream made from other products - 700 ml milk boil with the sugar. Separately, whisk the eggs with the flour and the rest (300 ml) milk added with vigorous stirring to the boiling milk. When the cream has thickened remove from heat and add the butter. In a small baking dish arrange half baked snails and pour half the cream. A second order snails and a second layer of cream. Optional top can be Sprinkle crushed walnuts. * dessert should stand for at least 2 hours. * dessert can be made in individual bowls.
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16 Apr 2010


I really like in the favorite and it will soon try.

Very good, goes to Favorites look very appetizing.

looks very tasty, and the preparation does not seem very difficult, I think even I'll be able to do this magic ... Thank you very much Mimi ...

good proposal. It is a good variety of cream cake.

Specifically, in the middle ohlyuvchetata not soften the cream and remain crunchy. This to us we like. And expect your feedback!

surely there is feedback. Only to find fine pastry ...

When walking next to the Turkish shop in the basket and will sheet baklava for sure! And we love crunchy foods, so of us will like it, no doubt! Bravo for improvisation!

It was superb. I did it in bowls. Here's a photo :)

Soon have to do it and I think I promlyaha him children! I am glad that appeal to you, Ive!