Effective cold layered cake

Submitted by enr on 19 Dec 2007
# For the cream:
200 g butter
200 g of powdered sugar
50 g cocoa
100 g chocolate
100 ml milk
2 yolks
2 packets of vanilla
# For the base:
500 g biscotti
6 kisses
macaroons 6
50 g candied fruits
fresh milk
# To decorate:
Effective cold layered cake
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The cream is prepared by softened at room temperature, stir butter with sugar until fluffy mixture. Separately, mix the cocoa, milk and chocolate and cook on medium heat to thicken. After the mixture cooled down, was added to the whipped with the sugar butter, stirring continuously. Add egg yolks and one by one. Cream flavored with vanilla. Shaped cake, covered with parchment paper, ranks a row biscotti dipped momentarily in milk. Spread top layer of cream. On it is a little crushed meringues, which are sprinkled with candied fruit. Reapplied even layer of cream. The layers are alternated until the products. Cake drained in 24 hours in the cold. On top sprinkle with plenty of grated chocolate.
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19 Dec 2007
Culinary Journal 12/2007


The cake is very tasty. I did in January Beverly New Year, but the side she covered with cream. Is great.

is beautiful, my husband loved it, but personally I do not liked too much sugar there, kisses, chocolate, candied fruit ... I replace some of the products with other, lighter :) Otherwise my husband eat his fingers :)

We'll certainly try.

Maybe it a try.