Flowers Tomato

Submitted by enr on 28 Mar 2010
8 boiled eggs
30 g butter
4 tomatoes
1 lettuce
1 sprig fresh onion and garlic
sunflower oil
Flowers Tomato
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Eggs cut into 2 and the yolk is carefully removed. 4 halves leave purposes and the rest is crushed with a fork. Mix in the butter. Cut the flaps tomatoes dug and filled with a mixture of egg yolk and butter. Place in refrigerator to harden the butter. Of other products made salad, which is distributed in 4 plates. Tomatoes cut into 6 without going to the end, so that slices lie down slightly backwards. In the middle of each flower is placed half yolk. Between strips of tomato slices placed on egg white.
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28 Mar 2010


Well done, very original idea for salad

Very beautiful and tasty sounds :).

sounds interesting, and probably original.Will try it.

Thank you, but in his haste forgot to photograph it :)

Thanks for the cool idea!For stuffing however use *Snow White* and olives added beauty!I put a photo.

Auuu, MRLs beautifully received. Bravo mimina.

mimina, very beautiful salad.

I'm glad you like it! :-)

NISHTO not understood by this recipe

... my *NISHTO* wonder ...

Giulia, I think everything is explained properly and is completely understandable. Ask a specific question to find out what you do not you understand. :) Nice salad, beautiful pictures!

to nelale I kazzham 4f is not good ... .. but on the contrary you obysni me how her cook ... purzho is pi6e 4f these yaitsa cook ... so on. Zhaltatsite then be crushed zhsi4kite but finally you put half of the above ... why ask

Well, how people write? Annoys many, many ... you can not write, the better you durable. The recipe is very well explained, with beautiful pictures! Sorry for spam-but could not resist.

Giulia, would do well to read the recipe again. Clearly has explained everything misunderstood even has photos. Specifically on your question about the egg yolks, is what it says in the recipe *4 halves leave purposes and the rest is crushed with a fork,* does not say that all are crushed.