Homemade ice cream with pumpkin Mary

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1 and 1/4 cup condensed skim milk - 2%
1 large egg
1/2 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup mashed cooked pumpkin
1 tsp vanilla essence or another favorite flavor for you - you and rum
1/2 cup ground ginger - optional
1/2 tsp cinnamon
pinch nutmeg optional
pinch of salt
Homemade ice cream with pumpkin Mary
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Remove the milk in a medium saucepan. In a large bowl mix the egg and sugar, preferably separate yolks from whites. With stirring, add the lukewarm milk, seeking to melt the sugar. Mix bowl with milk-egg white mixture and pumpkin, and all other products. Cool the mixture from the refrigerator, until and cooling - for example put to an open window. Freeze the mixture in a suitable container such as a small pan in the freezer or in ice cream maker. You can follow the instructions of ready-mix ice cream on the duration of stay and other details. I think sufficient 4:00 freezer. * Tricks to ensure the success of your homemade ice cream: - Do not overload the machine for ice cream. It is enough to fill 3/4 of it. May look empty, but this is the amount that gives the best results. - Whatever instructions in the recipe when scrambled eggs at the base of the ice cream, never pour in them more than 3-4 tbsp hot cream before adding the eggs to all the cream. Work slowly to not receive unpleasant lumps. - You can use the empty yoghurt in which to pour your ice cream before you leave to cool in the freezer. Best in this case, however, the shallow, flat containers, which ensure a uniform consistency in the ice cream. - If you use alcohol in the recipe, do not exceed the dose of 1/4 cup thereof. Otherwise, it will complicate the freezing of ice cream. - To increase the creaminess of the ice cream, you can add egg yolks or avokado. - Use more cream than milk. - To keep the mixture creamy, cream and egg whites should be well broken down into hard snow, and the yolks - cream. Egg whites must be broken at last, not fall, while preparing other products. - While the ice cream is cool, keep the machine away from heaters or other appliances that produce heat. - To prevent the formation of ice crystals on the ice cream before you leave it in the freezer, cover it with plastic foil. - homemade ice cream can last a week. This is the time at which the flavor and texture are improved. Then he begins to lose its taste qualities. * Because I like to eat homemade ice cream, so I do all kinds - lemon, raspberry, hazelnut, pumpkin, cherry flavor and juice, melons, so on. No need to have ice cream maker - simple and easy in the freezer, and the pumpkin is very useful. Unlike store-bought ice cream vodnesti filled with preservatives, this one is full of fiber and protective antioxidants pumpkin wonderful fresh taste and aroma. A creamy structure will enchant you. I calculated that in half a cup of ice cream has: 141 calories, 5 gg egg white, 26 g carbohydrates, 2 g fat, 40 mg cholesterol, 2 g fiber, 102 mg sodium.
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13 Apr 2014


wool-gathering and forgot to napisha- 4-5 hours is the time for cooling in the refrigerator and in frimez 30-40 minutes, then the ice cream is good to break with the mixer, to freeze again and again break to provide a mixture without lumps, while freeze evenly in the left in the vessel in the freezer.

Half a cup of ground ginger is not a lot?

Maybe 1/2. L. Ginger.

Hello girls, the recipe is of such amount, at home love him. try with a dose what it is you like. If you do not like pungent did not put :) Good Day!

For fresh ginger root you talking about?