Hominy with spinach and cheese

Submitted by enr on 30 Apr 2012
400 g of corn semolina polenta
500 g spinach (frozen can)
300 g feta cheese (cow)
1/2 onion
salt, pepper, water, sunflower oil
20 g butter
Sunflower oil is placed in the pan, bring to the boil put grated half an onion and stew until melted into fat. Then with them put spinach (if fresh wash and cut in small pieces) stews until soft and his poizpari water. In a saucepan pour 2 liters of water and add salt, boil when poured into water steamed spinach with onions. Simmered together for 5 minutes and put a piece of 20 g butter. Pour the corn semolina as directed on the package and stir until dissolved. Once it is ready pour into pan half mixture. Top lining pieces of half feta cheese. Then pour the other part of the mixture and pour the roux from sunflower oil and paprika. Once cool, cut into pieces and serve with remaining feta cheese.
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30 Apr 2012


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