Submitted by enr on 17 Mar 2013
125 g cream cheese
200 g cottage cheese
250 g butter
3 cups flour
2 vanilla
1 cup crystal sugar
5 g baking powder
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The butter is softened and mixed with egg, cream the feta cheese and the cottage cheese, add the flour sifted with baking powder and knead dough. If necessary add a little more flour.The dough was allowed to rest for about 15 minutes and then rolled into a thin crust. With ring or glass cut circles. Pour sugar into a bowl and each circle are dips in sugar is folded in the middle, again dips and folds and once again dips in sugar. Arranged in a buttered baking dish and bake in middle of BBQ 200C to pink.
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17 Mar 2013


I added two egg yolks that I had at hand! Wonderful sugar cookies, chestichko will prepare them! :)

Many vkusni- made them for Easter and nobody looked cookies while there korekomki :)

From the products not mentioned egg (eggs)?

sttel, how do sweet, you put an egg or as written? By looking products is likely to have dropped 1 egg, but I think that without it can get ...

Nevi, sorry, but I do not remember. As I have written below I made them for Easter and really done very quickly.
Most likely I do them without egg, because I have a habit to write down on a sheet of products and if there is something special in the preparation did not record the method of preparation.

sttel, I missed your comment, thanks for inclusion :) So we can say that the recipe will occur with and without egg, flour will be only slightly different quantity.

With or without eggs will make sure ... next week and will surely boast :) :) From the products I think that will be amazing and exactly to my taste, thanks to the published recipe: )

made them, were amazing! ... Exactly my taste as I commented before, the same as in the picture! I added an egg.