Layered cake with blueberries Mocha

Submitted by enr on 18 Apr 2009
250 g Chocolate Mocha
250 g of margarine or butter, soft
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
6 eggs
150 g flour
3 tsp baking powder or equal Tanks
200 g ground hazelnuts
200 g sugar
# For the filling:
400 g jam blueberry jam or other sour fruit
# For glaze:
200 g of dark chocolate (or mocha-chocolate)
2 tbsp sunflower oil
25 g white chocolate
Layered cake with blueberries Mocha
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The shape is smeared with butter . The oven was heated to 180 C (fan 160 C). Chocolate for the base is cut into small pieces and melt half of the water bath. Margarine stir until smooth mass. Add sugar and vanilla, and beat until their melting. Eggs are placed one by one and after each fight half a minute. Add the melted chocolate and mix the flour and baking powder and put portions. Stir until a smooth dough. Put them hazelnuts and remaining chopped chocolate and stir. Poured into the mold and bake 50 minutes. Remove and leave to cool on a kitchen grill. Cut with a thread of 3 leaves. The bottom sheet is coated with a sweet half, put it, the average sheet, the second half of jam, cover with the last sheet. glaze: Melt the dark chocolate with the oil in a water bath. White put in a bag for freezing, is tied and immersed in a beaker of hot water. Pour cake with dark glaze. The bag with the white chocolate is cut and extruded shapes, stripes, a grid (in the case of stars), which round off with toggle while hot chocolate. * The cake is durable, does not spoil quickly. * Without glaze can be prepared and frozen, and to adorn the day of serving.
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18 Apr 2009


The cake will be delicious! Thanks for the recipe for a holiday will sets up.

little Christmas photo and does not fit to the season now, but the recipe is not seasonal. Even with the acid jam think it's refreshing.

Big cakes ... well chilled it will be very suitable for hot summer days! Bravo!

Bravo! Just perfect!

Here's my cake St. Valentin. This is the top of my culinary abilities. First scissor crust thread. I decided to do the decoration of steamed dough. Not proved difficult, the next time I know how it works and will try more. Tomorrow I will write about the taste and photograph cut the cake.

The cake is supreme, but too sweet. May reduce the sugar in the latter must. I use homemade blueberry jam and it was very sweet.

LYUBCHO, I'm glad you liked the cake. The pictures are great! Bravo! On sweetness - blueberry jam here is sugar - it is the same that is served with fried camembert. It does not really very sweet blueberry jam. Perhaps this is the reason to get too sweet cake. When used sweet sour, complement each other perfectly.

Perhaps it is a sweet cranberry - they are acidic? I'm going to prepare this cake. With the diameter is best to form?

Today I baked the cake, icing and put it in seconds I left the kitchen. And when I returned, I found a surprise - my son was working hard on the decoration sprinkled salt on the cake :). Scratched Salt glaze and made new. Tomorrow will surprise birthday and after her slice will see what kind of taste has received :).

John, nmogo merrier! Why do not you shoot with salt decoration - will be very original!

really original, especially against the background of the little boy, trying to surprise mom :). Unfortunately camera battery was discharged. I look forward to try this cake.

John, right now I see your comments and inquiry. 26 cm, the diameter of the form, but with 28 cm should give decent sheets. Tell how it is received. A wizard many kisses is alive and well:-)

It was very good. All loved it. I did it with strawberry jam without sugar, but perhaps should have put more (not enough), slightly dry out. But apparently my taste is different (I like very sweet), because everyone else liked it very much. And my son ate the whole 3 pieces and wanted more :).

I am very glad you like it! Enjoy your meal!

Here are some pictures.

It looks very appetizing! Good for you!

This time it is with sweet cherries and added a little on the sweet mascarpone. Super!