Ludogorski kebab

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2014
300 g pork
200 g fresh mushrooms or sterilized
1 onion
2 triangles processed cheese 60 g or else processed cheese
2 eggs
1 tsp red pepper
salt, savory and black pepper (maybe other spices)
2 tbsp oil for frying
Ludogorski kebab
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Cut the meat into small chunks and boil until almost for about 10-15 minutes. Drain the meat and fry it in fat. Once you begin to put browned chopped onions and sliced ​​mushrooms, cover and stew until the onion and mushrooms soften and remain dish fat stirring occasionally. Add salt, then add the red pepper and seasoning and remove from fire. While preparing the dish turn the oven on to 200 degrees heat. The dish in 2 pots. In any broken into small pieces 1 triangle processed cheese. Pour each pot with 1 beaten egg, cover with lids and place in preheated oven and bake for 15 minutes. After removing them, leave little to poizstinat and serve with toast and salad for the season. * The original recipe that is cooked kebab meat of wild boar. * Gyuvechetata can be constipation and in halogen oven - Lower BBQ for 15 minutes 225S degrees. * Preset products are for 2 servings. * I am from the birthplace of Pencho Kubadinski kebab and this is his specialty.
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26 Jan 2014


Very tasty sounds! :)

And it seems to me quite tasty! Toss it into a folder waiting line. :)

Bobby and I do the same :)

it is delicious delicious-it is what is not tasty titbit-da has probvayte..a and here's a trick-when you remain roast meat from other meals you can use it for these pots, it is with pileshko- but the taste is somewhat different ..

Well, then why not baptized - Kubadinski kebab?

RIGOLETTO I have not baptized Kubadinski kebab, because I'm his godmother and I can not baptize as you want with this name are handed me the recipe evident not seek to comment recipe but to which very unfortunate but hopefully administrators to take action.

I do not seek to offend - looking discussion and good mood!

And that will not change much if not taste Fry and directly put everything in a pot to cook?

From my modest practice I can tell you that there is always a difference in taste when cooked, stewed or roast a dish.

ceckavd no way to tell whether it will change the taste for the simple reason that I have always done it in this recipe, but the dish is not for pots large stew-and therefore perhaps prepare everything in advance and actually baked eggs just like that it was served in the restaurant of the city, so I gave the recipe main nothing prevents to try, but without eggs and meat after becoming ready then to submerge the eggs and dopechesh .. and then to share how it happened, and I next cooking can try this option.

And my idea was the same. To constipation everything gyuvechetata and finally put the eggs.

ceckavd, you and steamed vegetables with just a little water to the pan with non-stick coating (such as adding some some water until tender well), and finally let them boil off the liquid and constipation lightly - A light tan and nice aroma. And the meat to otarkalyash a dry pan for a while. I often cook them so things when I want to be lighter, can add a little oil in a pot if you want to avoid frying only, not all the oil.

Thanks for the advice. I want to avoid frying, not fat. I know that change the taste of the dish, but I have a problem with your stomach. I like this site because here I can always get advice. And still learning. Blyagodarya again!