Marinated bonito (mackerel)

Submitted by enr on 04 Nov 2008
1 fish - not less than 600 g
bay leaf
sunflower oil or olive oil
Marinated bonito (mackerel)
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After cleaning the fish of viscera nice washed, placed in a tray, the abdominal cavity is filled with salt, and also the whole fish is covered with salt. Tray is placed semi to drained fish. Depending on whether the salt is fine or coarse fish must be left for 36 or 48 hours. Then washed and cut into fine pieces of about 2 cm. Reddy in a jar, between them put spices. Finally, the jar is supplemented with fat. It's nice to not put lemon or other acid as fish clamp. Lemon juice is placed immediately before consumption. Fish consumed after standing at least 2-3 days. This fish do make at least 30 years. Usually prepare fish in the hard way, by boning abrade the skin and then slice and arrange in the jar.
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04 Nov 2008


Great recipe and we in our family for many years her do this.

will surely make it. I've jars with river fish such as breakfast. How long endure jar so.

I've never in large quantities, at most two fish that eat up to ten days, and even for short. I forgot to write that the fish consumed after standing for 2-3 days with spices. Breakfast also I have rules, but a long time ago and I have already forgotten how to cook.

We love this fish, and produce it at home in a similar way, but after standing in sea salt 48 hours, we let it in vinegar for 24 hours and only then I pour the oil Overdone and is cool. Thus can marinate and other sea fish, but if it is small, as sprat downtime in salt and vinegar reduced to half - respectively 24 and 12 hours.