Marshmallow candies (Marshmallows) with egg white

Submitted by enr on 17 Dec 2009
3 egg white (90 g)
250 g sugar
8 sheets of gelatin (16 g)
3 tbsp strawberry syrup
pastry red paint
100g caster sugar
Marshmallow candies (Marshmallows) with egg white
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Pour in a small saucepan (Teflon pan-pan) sugar and pour 80 ml water. Prepare a sugar syrup with a temperature of 130 C (this took 10 minutes from boiling). During this time soak gelatine in cold water and break down egg whites tight snow. When the syrup has reached the required temperature, the gelatin was added and poured in a thin stream of the egg whites, while stirring continuously. Add strawberry syrup and the paint and stirred until the mixture cools. The mixture was filled in Posh and make small circles on sprinkled with powdered sugar baking paper. (Can be filled with silicone forms mixture sprinkled with powdered sugar.) Allowed to dry 12 hours at room temperature. Remove carefully the forms, if not detach themselves, using the blade of a knife. Rolled in powdered sugar and preserved in an airtight jar.
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17 Dec 2009
Sylvie Ait-Ali


is super thank you very much;)

I want to ask the strawberry syrup for what it is used (for aroma, taste) and whether it is mandatory? Otherwise, the recipe is very nice :)

vanilla_girl, to their rights ... for flavor and taste and easy stir the paint ... I do not know whether it is fatal to miss ... will wait to share whether it without him :) but if you do not have strawberry, replace it with another, I think that honey will do the same job :)

Yesterday I tried to do, but it was late and I waved to time the sugar syrup and caramel happened (maybe need a little more water), which was a amazing problem :( gelatin was ready and did not know what to do.I added a little water to *caramel* (return it to the stove) and after a while it was liquid, pour the gelatin (only added for the first time working with gelatin) Though it's cross (boils over like milk) and then continued on recipe ..At the end made like the two proteins plasta- top underneath syrup :)) then with a spoon made them as domestic kisses. Just do not know why smelled very scary protein (to have protein but not so you might need to put some flavor) Otherwise were not bad :)))

great odyssey! :-) Sometimes things like this happen, it is important not to lose courage;-) Pictures do you have?

vanilla_girl, you missed a fruit syrup? it is very important to observe the temperature, you may be working on a strong stove ... but congratulations for someone who has not worked with gelatin managed complex recipe :)