Meat with spring vegetables

Submitted by enr on 09 Jun 2010
about 1 kg of meat - lamb, beef, chicken or pork
1 bunch spring onions (or 3 heads old)
1 carrot
1 head celery (or stalk)
1-2 sprigs fresh garlic (5 cloves or old)
500 g tomatoes (or 400 g canned)
few leaves salt bush or other zelenishi
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
1 bay leaf
3-4 Allspice
salt, pepper
1 bunch parsley
Meat with spring vegetables
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The meat is cut into portions and add salt. All the vegetables are finely chopped or optional. Vegetable mixture is placed in a tray (stew), add the bay leaf, allspice and a little hot water (optional maybe a little wine). Top rank portions of meat, sprinkle with black pepper, breadcrumbs and the oil. Cover with a lid (foil) and bake in medium high heat. When serving sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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09 Jun 2010


One of my favorite dishes! I personally love with many green onions and put 4-5 links, as it already melts :)

Eli, I'm glad that you and your likes. Quantity of onion is optional. Just now the links are larger and therefore recorded one connection. Do dishes and in other seasons, as its benefits available products.

wonderful dish, put Bookmark

And I very much like the recipe, Aunt Ina. Bravo, and the photos are simply unique. Bravo :)

Thank you, Rosie!