Pickled vegetables, lemon - I type

Submitted by enr on 02 Aug 2009
10-20 lemons
100-150 g coarse salt
100-150 g paprika
Buy lemon juice
Pickled vegetables, lemon - I type
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Cut lemons on wheels (slices), the seeds are cleaned . Aside put two plates - one with coarse salt, the other with red pepper. Any dips a slice of lemon on one side in salt, the other in pepper and arrange in a glass jar. Nice compacted. Pour lemon juice bottle. Close the jar, store in the fridge and after 2-3 weeks ready limonchetata.
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02 Aug 2009


Samira, I really liked lemons! How to use? Do you cook them? Thick marinade you going? How durability have?

can be used with all that can substitute for a side dish, or simply as a salad, but also may simply with Cheese (with a little paprika as an appetizer)

and as for shelf life, to me does not hold much (meaning I do most 2-3 jars with us always have lemons, and quickly eat them), I think it can last at least several months, but best in refrigerator

Thank you! Always looking for new recipes for me! I make them. :-)

It's not a lot of yogurt? Themselves lemons are acidic and put additional lemon juice!

I'll do half dose to try the recipe. Thank you share it with us!

super recipe much I liked

and I liked it very much, now remains only to make her

LEMON KAVUSH (& # 1500; & # 1497; & # 1502; & # 1493; & # 1503; & # 1499; & # 1489; & # 1493; & # 1513;): become super ... Go with meat, rice and whatever you want, but in sandwich with humus + falafel, meat, chips (fries), etc. Some put their limoncheta even on spreadable cheese :). A kind of substitute for trushiyka, but very specific.

became `super mersiiii