Pizza ready filo pastry sheets

Submitted by enr on 30 May 2014
400 g fine filo pastry sheets
60 g butter
1 small egg
1 tomato
1 small zucchini
300 g roll ham and cheese
250 g cheese
little smoked pork or ham another sausage
lump cow feta cheese
1-2 triangles processed cheese
colored salt, oregano, parsley, salt, pepper
80 g cream cheese
Pizza ready filo pastry sheets
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Carpeted tray with baking paper. Melt the butter. Cut the tomatoes, zucchini and Rolls of thin slices, cheese grate. Beat cream the feta cheese with egg, put a little pepper. Brush the bottom of the pan with a little butter. Apply half of the first sheet with butter and then fold in half. Put it on the bottom. Do this two more sheets, fold them and put them on first. You will get 6 layers of three bi-folded sheets. Brush with 2-3 tbsp of the egg mixture. The aim is to become juicy peel and soldered. Put first layer ham. Following two wafers spread with butter and folded in two. Again smear with a little egg mixture. The second row is the washers zucchini, grated cheese, salt and parsley (or dill). Follow again two wafers spread with butter and folded in two. Again little egg mixture. Third line of washers stuffing cheese roll with ham. Again and again peel egg mixture. The fourth row with washers tomato, crumbled cow feta cheese, pieces of processed cheese and a little grated cheese, oregano and colorful salt. Finish with two thinly spread with butter pastry, folded in two. Apply them and top with butter. Bake in preheated 200C oven for about 20 minutes, lower heating element with fan. Remove the pan, sprinkle rest of cheese and grated cheddar (mix them before), parsley and olives stack washers. Return the pan in the oven and turn it off. The heat will melt the cheese.
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30 May 2014


Great suggestion! A few days ago I came across a recipe, but another site very impressed :)! Attached thereto photos were so delicious that I barely refrained ran the shop for products! :) :) :). Tomorrow we have a pie

in this case, when you copy a recipe duslovno can not write *source ...* and copied by ...

otherwise very original recipe and looks great

Unique delicious pizza pie get recommend it highly! :) Combination between products is very accurate, from the position of a big fan of pizza, I think for now leaving the traditional second! I hope the pictures I was performing as well, but tonight of course!