Polenta (cornmeal)

Submitted by enr on 28 Dec 2011
200 g cornmeal
800 ml milk
200 ml water
30 g (1 tbsp) butter (margarine, lard)
100 g feta cheese
1/2 tsp salt
# For roux:
150 g feta cheese
50 g butter
100 ml sunflower oil
1/2 tbsp paprika
Polenta (cornmeal)
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My grandmother was of Romanian settlers in Tutrakan and made this polenta in a special chuven that I inherited. In suitable saucepan put the milk, the water, the butter, grated or crumbled feta cheese and salt and put the fire to boil. Once the boil Pour the flour and the handle of a wooden spoon make a hole in the middle and very slowly begin to confuse, do not worry if you get lumpy, run immediately blender and boil until mixture becomes smooth (I practice as spew flour and mix it immediately with Blender and not with a wooden spoon - modern work). Once you begin to gusting in blisters, remove from heat and Layer 3 plates. Leave it to cool a little and do a few notches spoon, sprinkle with grated or crumbled feta cheese. Put the oil and the butter to heat, add red pepper with a spoon and immediately pour plenty of each dish. Polenta is consumed hot, but cold is also delicious.
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28 Dec 2011


I love polenta :)! Although this roux is very harmful to the stomach at least two or three times a year I'm doing it because I adore! My grandfather was a settler from Romania and produce it exactly that way, but I think it flour boiled in salted water only. I do not remember has added milk and cheese as it crushed the image above. Very tasty!

Milencha grandmother made her milk that I had sheep and putting a smelly sheep cheese which it stored in a delvaa straight broken, and then beats hominy corn, me and to this day I can not eat sour cheese .. Cause and curd sop we did with it .. but it was sweet ..

My mother made polenta, so that daddy loves her ... now does, no one to eat it. I somehow do not eat as frikaseta and pastes, but I know that this is the way of preparation.

And we do the same at home, but we did not milk was placed. So with the cheese is great with greaves. I did sample to fry onion sliced ​​until tender and caramelized. Spreading it on top, is also delicious.

Tonight though I did get it but also put Cheese and 100 grams grated cheese and Nelly tried method for producing a corn flour before it boiled milk-is only slightly hot and stirrer Barca until thickened and began to blyuka-so really do not get lumpy. Its top also put grated cheese became a great-tasting ..

Last night in January prepared. We like, although skeptical. Roux us come in plenty, but next time will lower the amount of oil you will only put oil - for flavor. Super recipe, thanks! Goes to favorites.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have prepared.

hominy Just think to do tonight, but few will improvise and will prepare a recipe Yoli - she melted butter on the bottom of the clay casseroles, top put beaten egg and cheese on them and poured the polenta cooked exactly Thus, with milk, and finally sprinkle with cheese and bake it for 10 minutes. I love polenta, of always now I make it with water, will now try and milk.

Milencha I recently do one other less recipe singer Nelly-it very tasty ..sega will put a link to the recipe -probvay it will sazhalyavash..http: //prikachi.com/images.php? Images / 160 / 7095160v.jpg

made her become gorgeous! Natalka, so do not become mushy, but rather can be shaped piece. Next time I will try and options Nelly. Thanks for the idea! Today and told me otherwise. As cool polenta cut in slices, sticks together two by two between them put butter and bake on the grill, so I'll try. Now think for a recipe that I'd seen in Ivan Zvezdev, rules I have years ago and also becomes very tasty. Will dig to find her and she'll be here.