Pork with leeks and celery - II type

Submitted by enr on 23 Jul 2013
800 g pork leg or shoulder
1 head celery with stalks and leaves - about 800 g total
1 stalk leek
1 large onion
2 cubes beef broth or salt
olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon
Celery, leeks and onions are cleaned and cut: leeks on wheels, onion slices, celery in large pieces. The meat is cut into medium-sized pieces 3-4 per portion. In a shallow pan put olive oil and fry the meat on all sides. By pozachervi add pepper, broth, onion and stir 2-3 minutes on high heat, to avoid divorce, the leeks in a few minutes and celery - head first, then the stems, keep mixing until scalded evenly. Reducing plates, sandwiching with a lid and leave to cook on very low heat. As the meat is tender and put the leaves of celery and cook another 20-something minutes. Shortly before the end pour the lemon juice.
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23 Jul 2013