Roasted peppers stuffed with feta cheese and tomato sauce

Submitted by enr on 23 Jul 2013
12-16 peppers
400-500 g feta cheese, cottage cheese or a mixture of the two
2-3 eggs
500 g tomatoes
3-4 cloves garlic
parsley, dill
bread crumbs (bread crumbs)
sunflower oil
Roasted peppers stuffed with feta cheese and tomato sauce
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Grated (crushed) feta cheese mixed with eggs and a little chopped parsley and dill. If used unsalted cottage cheese flavored with salt. Often the mixture is a little sparse and then ran from the peppers. In this case, seal with a little bread crumbs or bread crumbs. peppers are gutting the seed, washed and filled with the mixture, if it remains it is added to tomato sauce before being put to bake. Arrange in greased pan. Top sprinkled with sunflower oil. Bake in a moderate oven. Once golden brown on top and bottom, they turn to bake and sides. tomatoes grated. If you like more tomato sauce, the amount is increasing. Put it to boil (without oil) until thickened. Salt and add finely chopped or mashed garlic cloves and the filling of peppers if left. This mixture is poured pepper, sprinkle a little sunflower oil and bake another 10-15 minutes. When serving sprinkle with chopped parsley and dill. * This is an option for the preparation of this dish, which avoid frying. * In winter it prepare roasted peppers and tomatoes from a can.
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23 Jul 2013


passes to favorites, interesting way of cooking in the oven, everything cooked in the oven very tasty and healthy, the picture is beauty ...

flowers, thank you! Glad you liked my proposal and photos! As far as I can avoid frying! :)