Sach - vegetables with mushrooms and three kinds of meat

Submitted by enr on 25 May 2012
200 g pork boneless
200 g chicken breasts
200 g beef or mutton
400 g frozen vegetables
3 potatoes
400 g mushrooms
1 onion
4-5 cloves of garlic
soy sauce
olive oil, sunflower oil, lard
Sach - vegetables with mushrooms and three kinds of meat
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All products prepare separately and then mix them. Only 3 types of meat together. vegetables (frozen) is steamed. I do them in a saucepan with a little water, put it on a metal grate steam. Water is salted. If you do not grill cook without Braising and then drain with a colander. Now it is the turn of the flesh. I have an electric hot plate and is very convenient, but for those who do not use naturally hot plate or pan, larger and deeper. Cut on slices - long - or cubes, bake with very little fat and 2 cloves of garlic. To become lean and juicy, slightly savory, and this is with soy sauce (without salt) - about 3-4 times Shake the bottle (a few drops) is enough. The finished meat is placed in a bowl of Jena glass. Then comes the flesh potatoes. Cut into thin wheels and again with a little oil until golden brown on saci. Become a bubble, like roasted. And I spend in a bowl. Mushrooms cut with plenty of fat - in the same way - finished potatoes. Luke circles in medium pan with a little oil until ready and then put in the mushrooms and potatoes And now recently cooked vegetables with little fat - 10 minutes. Add salt and all the vegetables and stir for 5-6 minutes just to connect tastes. This blend and stuffing. Not accidentally put salt finally - salt tightens and shrinks - if in the beginning there will be no fresh product type, especially green beans - green beans and peas. Serve in the tray - metal, plastic, or as well in clay sach, court. For fresh sliced ​​lemon optional.
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25 May 2012


Thanks for the recipe, put in favorites. I stared and other stuffed Christmas turkey, I think many will appeal to the family.

I bought a hot plate of Vidin Fair and still have not use it I want to direct me how to use it, hardened and uses a long time still coming holidays. And to add to the home cook solid fuel stove and also electric stove which is the spur to 250 degrees. Thanks

everything is in tempering. when put in cold oven and the court must be cold. I lichnosam broken the 2 clay casseroles. once was heated heat and cold casseroles, and the second time was hot casseroles and put it on the fire and burst. so am all must be a temperature and even taking off is gradually cooling. as to saci there is easier. but also more dangerous for vadenekato hotter. clay part is heated for 10 to 12 min. and then placed on the metal stand and put carefully pre-cooked before in saci. that's it. I hope I have been helpful