Tomato burek

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2010
2 large tomatoes
400 g feta cheese
2 tsp olive oil
3 eggs
1 cup flour
5-6 tbsp semolina
salt, pepper
1 tsp pesto sauce
Tomato burek
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Cut tomatoes sliced ​​thick 5-6 mm. Add salt them and leave them to drain. During this time mash the feta cheese, add olive oil and mix. It's like a pate of feta cheese. Complete studs two by two by selecting them with the same (close) diameter. Take a puck, coated it with a little pesto (1/5 tsp). The feta cheese to divide many parts as there are couples tomatoes and shape of ball that smashing as meatball. On a greased round tomato put the feta cheese. Take the second circle tomato, sprinkle it sparingly with pepper and put it on the feta cheese. breading: Beat eggs in a bowl. Mix the flour and semolina in another bowl. So shaped tomato sandwiches breaded first in flour mixture, then in eggs again in flour and eggs again. Fry in very hot oil (for a few seconds breading yield golden fried crust) and turn. Removing and installing on a napkin or special paper to get rid of excess fat.
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14 Jun 2010


picture and the recipe is unique! Bravo!

great recipes and a description of the comprehensive! I've never eaten a tomato, eggs and cheese, followed the thread in the forum and I am very glad that appeared recipe. Bravo!

Required will try! And I like Rally expecting recipe because I love these delicious cuisine, no one else at home not eat;)

And I was not trying, but I decided to try (the idea of ​​the forum) and obtain. Thanks girls for the good words.

VERY good look at the picture and very very tasty work. Bravo!

shte јa try zadalzitelno! Earrings neshta such interesting!

Bravo, is super!

i4eto3421, very glad that taste you like tomato. eli_pk_ivanova, will wait for the result and hope to your fancy. Thank you all - I am very glad that we like.

Today I did the tomatoes stuffed with cheese and walnuts (recipe of hristov99999 - Панирани balls of cheese with walnuts ). Again were very tasty and my guests love them. Put and photos.

and I made them last night even the cheese and mash it directly to the sliver between two slices of tomato and put it again received a very nice appetizer