Tree of Dreams

Submitted by enr on 13 Aug 2010
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marzipan decoration
Tree of Dreams
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From one end of the roll is cut piece (a branch of the tree). Cut must be biased. Roll to adhere the cut piece. Fixed with jam or chocolate spread. So the resulting tree bay with chocolate icing and smoothed (to resemble the sheet of the tree). Once the glaze harden tree is decorated with marzipan leaves.
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13 Aug 2010
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Well, great idea. Bravo. Already in favorites.

Quick, easy and effective. Bravo for the beauty that you created.

very conceptual, bravo. Beautiful dessert in no time.

-loving, super ideologically ready to roll. One idea for 6+. Thank you will do it immediately tomorrow. Here, in principle, make them just for Christmas but home is Christmas every day. Goes to the favorite moments ...

in the original recipe to make a roll which is coated with chocolate. I'm with you making rolls and why I chose this easy option.

top is Emira thanks for the great idea. At home impressed by the cake. It is very easy but Original work. Really fairy sweet temptations. I gave you an excellent 6+. And added to keep still.

I ask .. glaze can I make it as a melt chocolate, LZ? Give me information on how to do that ... I'm an aspiring author also ask how is rugged in the *tree*? Is first swept once the roll, then somewhere once more as strip you?

The glaze is made of finished chocolate to others. Oetker. The glaze has a thick consistency and cures (dries) very quickly. In the recipe says that the glaze is not smoothed to be a rough surface to resemble sheet. If not glaze, melted in a water bath 1, 2 chocolate (with a higher percentage of cocoa) with a little butter. I have not tried this way, but I hope it has the same effect. Good luck.

frosting on others. Oetker these puddingta you (40-50) or any other, tell me below the price above that does not take anything else :) Actually when I think I'll have to be such a cream, as you think, but some special .. You of what shop buy it? I'm from Varna ...

The packaging says chocolate! Not a pudding or cream Ole. Do not live in BG and I can not tell you the price. Ask someone at the store if you can not find it myself.

Chocolate glaze in sachets is in *Piccadilly* booth where dust and starches.