Vegetable croquettes with cheese

Submitted by enr on 11 Feb 2012
600 g potatoes
150 g of carrot (2 large carrots)
50 g canned peas (3 tbsp)
100 g feta cheese or cottage cheese
spices to taste, salt
# Oval :
75 g fine oats (wheat or oat bran, ground linseeds or a mixture thereof; breadcrumbs)
sunflower oil for frying
low-fat mayonnaise
1-2 cloves garlic
salad, pickles
Vegetable croquettes with cheese
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Well washed unpeeled potatoes and cleaned carrots cook (boil them steam in a pressure cooker). While still hot, the potatoes are peeled and immediately crushed by press or latticework of kitchen utensil set. Carrots can also be creased or cut up into very small cubes. Once cool knead well with peas, the cottage cheese (the feta cheese) and flavored with spices of your choice and, if necessary, with salt. The mixture was divided into 12 parts. Each piece good is pressed in order to weld and is formed of a cylinder (having a large meatball). Gently pressed into a dry breading. Allow to stand so at least 30 minutes to allow the breading to absorb moisture from the mixture. Fry in heated sunflower oil for 5 minutes until golden, from time to time pay for evenly browned. Serve with low-fat mayonnaise, seasoned with garlic and virgin salad, depending on the season. * Instead of peas and carrots can use frozen mixed vegetables. * The disadvantage of frying that falls from the breading and tan. For healthier baked most of the croquettes in a tray covered with lightly oiled baking sheet. Above them namaslih by brush dipped in sunflower oil and light, tapping movements swung to not fall breading. I baked them in a preheated moderate oven until golden. So baked us liked much more.
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11 Feb 2012


I loved reading recipe. I'm sure it will do so and after preparation. And I would go to Option 2-baking.

like potato croquettes, and this recipe intrigued me that no eggs in the ingredients. It was interesting if not collapse. The original recipe mixture was divided into 8 parts. First 2 boilers start frying. But are quite large and lightly crush first. It is normal to take more fat, so the remaining cutlets decided to bake. Everything went without a problem. Iva will be happy if you try the recipe and share their opinions.

great work out, very tasty. I baked them. Serve with fat-mayonnaise sauce. To me more liked hot and cold mate. Have a great crispy crust. My breading of bread crumbs, oatmeal and flaxseed. Tillia what spices you put?

forgot evaluation :)

Ive, The one I had with breading mixture of fine oatmeal, wheat and oat bran and ground linseeds, other mixture, without oats. I liked both. Will try and corn meal. In mixture put tarragon. You dill - it fits with potatoes and peas. Also pepper. I like nutmeg, but other home do not like it. Spices are a taste of the family.

missed - congratulations for the photo!