Potato layered cake with crab sticks

Submitted by enr on 17 Sep 2010
1.5-2 kg potatoes
800 g (1 jar) pickles
400 g mayonnaise
100 g crab sticks
100 g chutney
200 g chopped olives
4 boiled eggs
200 g sweet corn
Potato layered cake with crab sticks
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Boiled potatoes Strain. Add to chopped pickled cucumbers and corn. Stir half mayonnaise and is divided into two parts. In a baking dish with removable walls put half and pressed well. Top smear chutney, sprinkle with finely chopped crab sticks on them sliced ​​olives and top grated boiled eggs. Cover with remaining potato mixture. Leave in the refrigerator for several hours. Shortly before serving is removed from the baking dish and cover with remaining mayonnaise. Decorate optional.
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17 Sep 2010


I liked a lot of this cake, even though I saved some products - slowed mayonnaise, waved crab rolls. Instead chutney I used chopped roasted peppers (mixed with a little garlic and mayonnaise).

I am glad that you liked. And your variyant is very nice it must have been very tasty with roasted peppers and chesancheto next time will do, and I like that. Great photos look very nice cake.

We really liked the cake, well done. I added and par4entsa tuna.

Thanks for the recipe! We like! :)

Very nice recipe! :) I added a little melted butter to the first part (base) of the mixture to not put mayonnaise. Also between the latter must shred a little cheese. :)