Layered cake a la Veronica

Submitted by enr on 26 Sep 2010
# For the base:
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
10 g baking powder and vanilla 1
# For the cream:
500 ml liquid pastry cream
3-4 tbsp chocolate spread
125 g cream cheese
4-5 tbsp caster sugar
300 ml milk (for syrup)
2 Bananas
Layered cake a la Veronica
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Eggs beat with a mixer, add sugar, continuing to stir for about 5 minutes. Then pour the flour (mixed with baking powder and vanilla) by little, stirring with a spoon until a smooth homogeneous mixture. Pour into greased and floured pan, bake in preheated oven at 160-170 C on average BBQ, about 30 minutes - check is always ready with a stick. After cooling, is cut lengthwise in two. The first base is sweetened syrup with warm milk, smeared with cream Arrange banana slices, and again smeared with cream. Top put the other base, syrupy also with milk, and the rest of the cream smeared the entire cake. Decorate with sugar sticks and chocolate topping, but it can be grated chocolate or sprinkle with nuts.
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26 Sep 2010
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Well done, Maggie! Cake is easy ordinary can be made according to the taste of upotrebitelya no one knows kvi details, but I want to sincerely congratulate you on the fact that the cake was made not ready with cake and homemade. This leads me to read and try your recipe, because when I open and saw 3 ready marshes, etc. straight to infuriate everyone knows to make a cake with finished products, the number is to be made with their own hands. For that you admire and congratulate. BRAVO!

Hello Maggie! I always do the latter must, because they are much tastier than ready. Your recipe is very nice, very interesting cream. We'll try and go to favorites. Bravo

Congratulations on orginal recipe. Quick easy tasty. Goes to Favorites to waiting in line. I prefer homemade cake. Thanks for the interesting recipe

Maggie, congratulations on another delicacies!

Again delicious recipe.

Bravo goes to favorites.

Thank you very much for the nice words! Try and you will see that a great taste! So far, only once I tried to prepare a cake with cake ready and disappointed, so always I prepare them!

The cake will be very tasty, no doubt. I congratulate Maggie for this recipe, and not only - I really like her recipes and many of them I have cooked many times. In this case, my thought is another - undoubtedly homemade cake is delicious cake it actually is *home*. But I do not agree with the comments of the finished cake - saving valuable time and is not bad, the important thing is what will be watered and what will be covered and decorate. Personally, I often use them and, believe me, the cakes are wonderful. And this cake certainly grabbed me, and will do it with a homemade crust, as in the recipe. Maggie, another great offer yours goes in my folder *Favorites*. Evaluation is: excellent.

Dari, thank you for the nice words! Regarding the latter must - there are many manufacturers of cake, obviously not all of them are obtained, suppose that the price can judge which are and which are not.

Hello, dear people looking at reviews I decided to apologize when I said that one advantage of the finished cake I go also including so do not take it as a reproach was just admiration and compliment to Maggie that I is sampatichna and like all her recipes. It was nothing against facilities that lately I personally take very very fast recipes. So sorry if I hit someone. New *meetings* ...

Petya, do not worry! Do not hit anyone, just depends on which manufacturer are the latter must. And the truth is that home is the most delicious.

Very good.Several times I'm doing and all loved it.BRAVO.

Thank you very much, and many of us liked that and prepare different variations - all I want is as much chocolate!

It seems to me a very good recipe and will make it, but the diameter of the pan in which bake swamps?

and cake roast them in the bottom of the pot, diameter and 24 cm. It is very practical because it is deep :)

If you have a cake that meets the three basic requirements, namely *Quick, Easy and Tasty* - you've come to the right recipe :) It's really nice and all the friends like it pretty much and make me constantly as we gather to do, and some come to order it for personal celebrations! Very large Blagodarsko to Maggie!

Oh, I forgot to add that the last cakes, which I did after I pour your mixture in a baking pan, and left little in the bowl, to the residue added to the coffee aroma and a little cocoa color, then marking the mixture baking pan, as in cake. Also became very well ... and Maggie May it not be angry that even his experiment with this wonderful recipe :)

Krems, it's great that you experiment with the recipe, it is good to have diversity, thanks to the credibility and image!

The cake is delicious I recommend it hot at all. I might do every week and yet we are not tired

sar4ice, it is great that you like a lot of this recipe!