Salted pancake layered cake * Chris *

Submitted by enr on 26 Feb 2012
8 ready pancakes
400 g cream cheese
200 g mayonnaise
2-3 boiled eggs
150 g ham
200 g cheese
2 sour krastvichki
100 g pate
pepper, savory
cucumber decoration
cherry tomatoes for decoration
Salted pancake layered cake * Chris *
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Mix the cream with the feta cheese mayonnaise, tampering with a little pepper and savory and stirred until a cream. Ham, cheese and eggs grate in separate bowls. Pickles and olives finely. The first pancake is placed in a shallow dish, dab with cream and sprinkle with cheese. Top put the second pancake, dab with cream and sprinkle with ham, third - dab with cream and sprinkle with cooked eggs. Fourth dabbed with pate and pour on the pickles. Fifth - again with cream and cheese on it and do so until the pancakes. Outside the cake is brushed with cream and garnish optional.
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26 Feb 2012


Sounds delicious, but the picture looks even more fantastic. Congratulations on your imagination and talent :).

Annie, congratulations on the presented beautiful cake!

great decoration!

today will hopefully do my work. merry meet the new 2013

delicious recipe was good for

marceto, I'm glad that you liked. And Happy New Year!

I did it with great love! Delicious and beautiful!

Very nice cake you did. Glad you liked it.

It was a great appetizer. I added a little yogurt and colorful salt in the cream and get a lot better.